What to Do When You Hate Your New Job

Have you ever truly hated a new job you started? Was it the Boss, colleagues, new environment or just all of it? Here’s a few tips to keep you going !

Starting a new job is never easy. There’s the stress of not being familiar with the environment and not being on top of your game because everything’s new and your work tasks and responsibilities may not be clearly defined yet. Of course, every new job requires an adjustment period and given enough time you should settle into your new role.

But, if you find yourself hating your new job and loathing everyone and everything in your new environment things can become even more stressful for you. The first step you should take is to identify what exactly it is that you hate about this new job, and this will help you make more strategic decisions.

1. Be Realistic

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Okay so you’ve probably heard it over and over again, but this is the time to grasp it; no job is perfect and this means that there’s absolutely no way that you’ll be 100 percent pleased with your new job. Whether it’s the boss that’s making you miserable or the work you’re doing, you need to decide whether you can live with it.

2. Give It Time

Even if it’s your boss who’s making your existence miserable you need to understand that it takes time for people to work out their dynamic and so you should allow some time before deciding to forever despise your boss. It might be that over time the two of you could develop some sort of functional relationship, so don’t rush to quit your job or pick a fight with your boss before you’ve tried being patient.

3. Find Something You Like and Focus on That

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When we start something new, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by how unpleasant everything is because we're kind of stressed, but that doesn’t mean that everything is bad. You have to ride out the storm and find something that you like in your new work environment. Whether it’s your colleagues or the great Chinese take out by the corner, embrace that bit of sunshine till you figure out if you need to quit.

4. Look for Other Opportunities

If you really hate your new job, and it’s making you truly miserable, there’s only one thing you can do, and that's quit. But because you never know what will happen, make sure that you start looking for other opportunities before you quit.

Decide what it is that you don’t like about your new job and try to find companies in the industry who don’t have the same issues as this company and apply to them.

5. Make Sure that You Don’t Trap Yourself in that Job

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It’s easy to feel that you are somehow obligated to stay in a job you dislike because they hired you when no one else would. But remember that your job is an important life decision, and you should get as much joy out of it as possible. So if you feel miserable give your new boss your notice and make sure that you make this experience count by not repeating the same mistakes.

Have you ever found yourself in a new job you hated? What did you do? Share your stories with us in the comment section below.




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