You Won't Believe What Jobs People Post on Craigslist

When you find yourself job hunting, it is always wise to use all the avenues at your disposal. Before the internet, you would typically network with friends, loved ones and possibly even previous employers to land your idea of a dream job. Today, we have the internet, which means that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your bedroom (or your PJs) to locate a company willing to pay you for your time and/or abilities. There are plenty of job sites on the internet, but if you’ve ever found yourself digitally searching for a job, you’ve probably landed on and searched Craigslist. With pages that stretch to most major cities in the world, the site is great for finding casual encounters and things to swap, but it’s also great for finding a job. And as with most things you find there, you never quite know what you’re going to find. Cases in point, here are five of the weirdest job listings ever to be posted on the darkest list on the web.

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1. Cat Circus Tour Assistant

Do you love cats? Crazy about circuses? If you said yes to both, you’re in luck. Samantha Martin and the Acro-Cats are now looking for a Cat Circus Tour Assistant. Or at least she was back in May of this year. Did she find who she was looking for? You better apply if you want to find out.

You must be great with animals, and you probably shouldn’t have an aversion to cat poop. You should probably not have any cat allergies, as you’re going to be mingling with quite a few of them (in addition to a groundhog, chicken, and a few rats).

If those qualifications didn’t deter you and you’re physically fit and outgoing, as Miss Martin says in her ad, this might be the opportunity of a lifetime. There’s no mention of what the position pays, only that it varies by show. Let’s just hope you’re not paid in cat treats. Though, this is Craigslist, so you really never know.

2. Idiot Needed to Beat Vanilla Dome in Super Mario World

Are you a video game master who loves booze and sugary confections? If so, you’re in luck as there is a position on Craigslist that was designed specifically for you.

The poster of this particular job needs an ‘Idiot’ (we can only hope that the term is being used as a compliment, such as in the term Idiot Savant), to beat Vanilla Dome in Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

This person drastically needs your help. After 476 attempts to beat Vanilla Dome, the job advertiser admits to having ‘the fear.’ Driven to insanity and admittedly at the end of his or her rope, the employer is willing to pay in whiskey and donuts for your assistance.

While whiskey and donuts may not pay the bills, you are being paid to play a video game. Maybe you can flip the whiskey and donuts for a profit, starting your own business in the process. In other words, if you’re crafty, love video games and are willing to work for diabetes, this job is for you.

3. Physically Fit Male Act as DBZ Waiters

This ad was posted last year, so it was probably filled already, but that doesn’t make it any less weird. This employer was going away to Japan for an entire year and wanted to go out with a bang. The ad asked for a muscular male and who didn’t mind mass humiliation. Here’s what the employer wanted:

The Asian traveler sought a muscular male who was willing to dress up in Dragon Ball Z attire for a few hours while holding a tray of appetizers. Sounds easy enough, until you get to the part where the person was requested to hold the tray as if they were about to release a massive power attack (the poster even included a handy graphic depiction that applicants could use as a model. How helpful!).

The only stipulation was that, much like the previous employment opportunity, people who responded to the ad could probably forget about being paid in actual money (or at least veery much money, if they were paid in cash at all). The advertiser admittedly couldn’t afford to pay, as most of his or her money was saved to pay for the Japan getaway.

However, whoever ended up landing the job didn’t walk away completely empty handed. The poster promised free food and a good time (that last part is a little frightening).

I am only assuming that this job was already filled. There is a chance the employer hasn’t left for Japan yet. So if you have a body that other people admire and you don’t mind acting a fool for a short period of time, working for possibly money but mostly food while you’re doing it, you now have a prime opportunity to see this employer off to Asia in complete and utter style. Apply today!

4. Meowgician

Did you study at Hogwarts and have a love of cats (but not enough love to become a Cat Circus Tour Manager)? Well then step right up to help Ambrosia the cat celebrate the best ten-year birthday party ever.

This ad is also from last year, but who knows? The person’s cat might want to have another massive birthday blowout this year. So don’t be deterred by the date.

In this particular ad, the employer sought a meowgician. The person also laid any doubts to rest by assuring anyone who was interested that this job was 100% ‘fur’ real. The ad asked for a meowgician to ‘purrform’ and asked if applicants ‘gatos’ what it takes.

Puns aside, this was (and is) a great opportunity for anyone who knows such tricks as pulling mice out of hats or making a treat appear from behind the cat’s ear. And if you know the old hairball cough-up to produce a multi-colored and never-ending handkerchief trick, that’s always a plus!

Unfortunately, this job didn’t pay all that much – only $30 plus food and beverages - but what an opportunity to dress up a resume. After all, what future employer wouldn’t love to hire a previous meowgician with at least one credit to his or her name?

5. $40K to go to Harvard As Someone Else For 4 Years

This job ad is two years old, but finally, we have a job on our list that actually paid money. The ad offered $40,000 for a smart male with plenty of time on his hands. More specifically, the employer wanted a man of any age to attend Harvard in his stead. Sounds pretty straightforward, but there were a few stipulations.

For one, only those with 4.0 GPA in high school (or at least a 3.5 GPA from a university) would be chosen. The person also needed to agree to attend Harvard as the job poster for four whole years. The job does sound tempting, as tuition, books, housing, transport and all living expenses were offered free of charge, and a $10,000 bonus was promised following graduation.

All the person had to do was attend all of his classes, pass all of his tests and finish all of his homework while pretending to be someone else.

It’s kind of like being a spy, except the dude gets to learn in the process. What a job! And it paid well, too! We can only wonder if the job was actually filled, and if the person who was hired has managed to keep his identity secret along the way.

In closing, if you’ve ever ventured over to Craigslist, then you know that the site is full of surprises; and that’s especially true if you’ve ever found yourself out of a job and hungrily searching. These are just a few of the weirdest jobs ever found on the site, and there are plenty more being posted every day. So if you’ve recently been fired, and you’re not too picky, head over to the internet’s ’dark alley’ and start applying. You never know, you just might succeed in landing yourself a super weird job just like these.

Have you ever used Craigslist to get a job? What was the experience like?