The 15 Best and Most Useful Recruitment Tools

Using a recruitment tool looking at candidate profiles

Hiring the best candidate for your organisation doesn’t have to be a lengthy process.

Long gone are the days of scrolling through countless résumés and making repetitive telephone calls to candidates. Indeed, the hiring process has become so much more advanced and streamlined for recruiters worldwide.

From résumé screening to managing interviews and sending out emails, finding, attracting and hiring top talent can be achieved by using modern, affordable and easily accessible tools and resources.

Whether it’s an ATS system or video application you’re looking for, here’s a list of the 15 best and most useful recruitment tools available.

1. jobpal

Interact with candidates during off-hours or when your company is closed by using an AI-powered recruitment chatbot like jobpal.

Available on all platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Skype, this useful tool keeps candidates engaged with continuous assistance. jobpal enables recruiters to answer candidates’ questions automatically and communicate with them in a natural and human way.

This is the ultimate tool for HR managers looking to save time and focus on more pressing tasks.

2. SourceHub

Recruiters spend a lot of time scanning through dozens of social media sites to locate the ideal candidate. With an automated search tool like SourceHub, though, you can save time researching through LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter by easily getting results from more than 10 social media channels – at once.

Simply enter the words relevant to your job opening, the required skills, preferred location and the social networks you want to search.

3. Contact Out

A Chrome extension that saves you time on hunting down your candidates’ contact details.

Have zero response rates on social media? Struggling to get in touch with a candidate? Now, you can easily find their email addresses using Contact Out, which also locates phone numbers and other social media links!

This tool enables you to send a direct email rather than a LinkedIn message, which is believed to improve your response rate substantially.

4. Indeed

An app that promises to save employers time and effort during the hiring process, Indeed enables you to source, screen and hire candidates faster by publishing job posts on their platform.

Companies can locate quality applicants, verify their abilities through screener questions and assessments, and organise CVs and interviews under one, compact roof.

Giving you all the basic functions of an ATS, this tool makes job posting more flexible than ever.

5. AppointmentPlus

Recruiters working in busy, fast-growing companies often struggle to keep track of their scheduled interviews.

With software like AppointmentPlus, however, they can manage and organise their multiple interviews using their computer or smartphone. Synced with Google or Facebook Calendar, this tool offers over 500 settings, including the ability to let candidates reschedule their appointments themselves or send candidates email appointment notifications and SMS reminders.

6. Ideal

Ideal is a great HR system that combines résumé screening, chatbots and candidate discovery in one.

This AI technology is effortlessly integrated with an ATS, giving recruiters the chance to intelligently screen and shortlist their candidates and automate tasks like stage progressing and communication with candidates. Ideal helps HR managers analyse and optimise their data and, overall, bring in top talent ina quick and cutting-edge way.

7. Zoom

Recruiters need something a lot more advanced than Skype. A great alternative for the popular communication tool is Zoom – perfect and incredibly useful for hiring managers. This app lets users conduct video interviews and conferences online, saving time and money for candidate travel.

Make use of audio and video calls using your mobile or computer, and even send messages and send files through the chatting system. This tool comes in particularly handy for conducting interviews with candidates from across the globe.

8. JazzHR

An ATS is a must-have tool for any recruitment company or HR department. And out of the many software available in the market, JazzHR is one that stands out most.

The flexible and user-friendly applicant tracking system helps employers streamline and customise the entire recruiting process. This ATS offers unlimited users and jobs without any added fees, as well as the ability to manage candidate pools and source from top channels with a single click.

9. Recruiting Brainfood

One of the most popular industry newsletters available today is Recruiting Brainfood.

Established by recruiter and industry influencer Hung Lee, this resourceful newsletter is a superb community for fellow recruiters offering insight into the recruitment field through articles and interactive polls. Recruitment specialists can even subscribe to get a dose of jobs relevant to the talent industry.

10. Crystal

It doesn’t get more advanced than this!

Crystal encourages recruiters to hire the best candidate by communicating with them in the most effective way. This application uses personality detection technology to analyse candidates and inform HR managers exactly how to communicate with them through platforms like LinkedIn or Gmail. This app is said to increase response rates, as it tells recruiters how to speak or write in the style preferred by their preferred candidate.

11. Gorgias Templates

Tired of rewriting the same, repetitive email? Are there certain phrases you always include in your email, such as ‘please see the job description attached’?

With the Chrome extension Gorgias Templates, you can write emails faster by creating your own keyboard shortcuts and templates through Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn and more. Assign keyboard shortcuts to repetitive pieces of texts and speed up the emailing process in next to no time.

12. Click Boarding

Onboarding and training are integral throughout the hiring process.

Recruiters can stay on the ball with training a new recruit using software like Click Boarding.

This e-recruitment tool eliminates paperwork, keeps tasks organised and automates the training process. Using both online and mobile tools, Click Boarding notifies you of tasks to be done and handbooks that need reading, and it even keeps newbies engaged via welcome videos or office maps.

13. Gender Decoder

Are your job ads appealing to both men and women? Gender Decoder is the tool you never knew existed.

By simply copying and pasting your text into the decoder, this smart tool will inform HR staff whether their job ad is feminine or masculine-coded.

Recruiters can now ensure that their job posts cater to both genders and, overall, improve the gender diversity within their organisation.

14. Self Management Group

Looking for the most practical talent management tool? Try out Self Management Group!

This brand provides solutions for screening, assessing and coaching candidates. Recruiters will find this software useful for predicting performance, customised assessments, tracking and selecting individuals, and even training programmes.

15. Accurate

Improve your screening process using a tool like Accurate.

Are job applicants lying in their CVs? Have they got a criminal background?

This technology enables HR departments to perform background checks on their candidates for criminal searches, verifications, drug testing, driving history, I-9 and more. This recruitment tool will perform social media searches to identify any potentially negative postings, and other sources to check for undesirable traits.

As technology and the internet advances, many more options are becoming available for HR managers across the globe. What other essential recruitment tools are there in the market? Let us know in the comments section below.