4 Ways to Show You're Ready for More Responsibility at Work

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Are you ready for the next big move in your career? Well, that is great, but how do you go about telling your boss? Just follow these four easy steps!

In almost every company, there are some lucky employees who are given cool projects like rebranding the whole company or setting up a new department, and then there are those unlucky ones who are assigned to do all the grunt work: organize meetings, alphabetize customers’ files, update their contact details, and so on.

Okay, don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing shameful with doing some grunt work. After all, all companies need to do these tasks every now and then so that their company can operate effectively. However, there comes a point in your career when you need to move on and do more challenging and meaningful work. Doing the same tasks over and over again won’t offer you any opportunities for your career growth and you, therefore, need to have the courage to ask for more responsibility at work.

1. Get all the Boring Tasks

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The grunt work we were talking about before? Do that with enthusiasm and, if you can, over-deliver. For example, if you have to alphabetize customers’ files, go a step further and make backup copies of these files or if someone is avoiding to do a particular difficult client, volunteer to do it yourself. This will prove that you are willing to do grunt work as well as do all the difficult parts of each task, something which will help you establish a reputation as a reliable employee and team member.

2. Help Overworked Colleagues

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Try to finish all your tasks first, and as soon as you finish everything that was assigned to you, go and help out your colleagues who might be a bit overwhelmed with their own tasks. Don’t be too pushy or invade their responsibilities; simply offer your help and let them tell you what they need you to do. Show that you are willing to help them but do not take any credit for their work.

3. Learn New Skills

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Make a list of things you can do, and find a nice way to highlight all your skills. Are you any good with words? Then offer to help colleagues with their reports. You can also obtain more skills in order to snag all your target projects; if your company has an office in Spain and you’d love to be assigned there, learn Spanish as soon as possible.

4. Ask for a New Project

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This is when you have to get out of your comfort zone and do some hard work. Learn all there is to know about your company and the industry you are in, the trends and any other factors which might be affecting your work. This way, you will be able to suggest new ideas and projects to your boss – projects in which you can be the leader.

Take control of your career; don’t just wait for others to give you a project or they could very well steal a position or task you want you have your eye on. Have you ever been in this situation before? What did you do? Tell us in the comments section below!