7 Great Part Time Jobs to Consider

Finding a full-time job can be tough--there's no two ways about it! Since 2008, times have been tough for a lot of people, many of whom have been working two or three part time jobs at once just to be able to pay the bills.

But, what if there was a way to earn a decent wage at a part time job? If you want a job that pays well and is still part-time, here are some of your best options:

Makeup Artist -- There is a huge demand for professional makeup artists in states like California, New York, and Nevada--the states where show-biz rules supreme. You'll find that the average makeup artist will work up to 20 hours a week, earning anywhere between $14.70 and $23.50 per hour. Hint: Go to the cities where there is a greater demand for makeup artists. The pay may be a bit less, but there are many more job opportunities.

Bus Driver -- Schools are always looking for bus drivers, and you may just find a job for you if you are a courteous driver. You'll need a commercial driver's license, but you can earn between $12.40 and $16.70 an hour--or even up to $29.50 if you drive a school bus in New York. As long as you can handle bus packed with noisy kids about 26 hours a week, you'll earn a pretty sweet wage at this job!

Dance Teacher -- If you've got "skillz"--ergo, two or more years of teaching experience--you can earn a pretty decent wage working at a dance studio part-time. Your salary will range from $15.30 to $24.50, depending on the state, the type of dance studio you work at, and the style of dance you teach. You can even consider working at retirement communities, on cruise ships, or even in schools.

Tutor -- For smart people that are good at teaching, being a tutor is a wonderful way to earn a bit of extra cash. This part-time gig can net you anywhere from $12.70 to $27 per hour, and you can work anywhere from 5 to 20 hours per week. You'll want a degree in the area you are teaching (or a good academic average at least), and you'll definitely want to practice your patience with the students that are finding it difficult to learn.

English Teacher -- If you come from an ethnic background or can speak more than one language, it's a good idea to harness your native language skills to make you some money. An English teacher can earn  between $18.10 and $30.50 per hour, teaching from home, giving online classes, or working in small EFL companies. The good news: if you are a good teacher and can get the certification to back it up, you can teach English anywhere in the world!

Yoga or Pilates Instructor -- Earn between $20.20 and $39.90 per hour doing exercise every day. You can teach just a few hours a week and still net a pretty good income, or you can hire yourself out to local gyms and fitness clubs for more steady work. You may need certification in the program you are teaching, but it's a great way to benefit from all of your years of hard work getting in shape.

Flight Attendant --­ You may be surprised to know that most flight attendants have a college degree of some sort. Despite the fact that they seem like little more than glorified serving staff, they are highly-trained and earn a very good wage--between $26 and $34.80 per hour. You can get up to 20 hours of work per week, plus travel and see the world!

Looking for a part-time gig? These are the ones that pay the best!




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