How to Become a Cruise Ship Croupier

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The cruise ship croupier role combines an exciting life at sea along with the expertise required by a professional croupier. An interest and knowledge in games such as baccarat, roulette, black jack, Caribbean stud poker and dice are essential and combined with travel and good commission, a move from the ground to a cruise ship position can hold a lot of potential.

What is the role of a cruise ship croupier?

The main duties of a cruise ship croupier are:

  • To be responsible for the correct conduct of games
  • To monitor the players at the table
  • To identify the playing style of each person
  • To  look for signs of cheating or suspicious behaviour
  • To exchange chips and tokens for money
  • To ensure the players know the rules and regulations
  • To check wagers are staged before the start of the game
  • To perform the game and announce winning bets/hands
  • To pay winning bets and collect losing bets
  • To take part in safety drills and training

Some extra tasks you may be required to do are:

  • Help with casino cash counting
  • Record suspicious events and admin as appropriate
  • Guest relations
  • Work closely with the casino manager

Hours, salary and benefits

A cruise ship croupier works for 60 hours a week, 6 days a week for the contract length, usually on a 6 month basis. Potentially, you may work 12 noon to 10pm with a few short breaks during the day depending on duties or work a split shift pattern. During port visits, you may leave the ship independently or take an excursion.

Salary is on a basic monthly basis with commission extra.

Minimum per month

Maximum per month


$3600 USD

Basic requirements and qualifications

A cruise ship croupier should have at least 1 years experience as a casino croupier in a licensed establishment. A diploma as a croupier is a distinct advantage.  You must be able to speak English and one other language is preferable. You should have a valid passport with no restrictions and pass a seafarer’s medical.

You must have the ability to work with an international team and to be able to participate in safety drills and training.

Good qualities and skills that a cruise ship croupier should have are:

  • Attention to detail
  • A love of games
  • Good customer service
  • Be flexible and adaptable
  • To have excellent observation skills
  • High standard of presentation
  • Pride in your work
  • Excellent communication
  • Sense of humour
  • Be comfortable with games and gambling

How to apply

Jobs are advertised on websites specializing in cruise ship placements as well as the companies own website. Travel job websites may also offer this role and sometimes positions may be advertised by agencies.

You may receive ‘Survival at Sea’ training and have some training onshore prior to joining your assigned ship. You will receive some safety training during your ship orientation as well as learning on the job.

Salary is usually tax free and contracts normally run 6 months on, followed by 1 month off. Other benefits include flights to meet the ship, shared accommodation and free meals.  Local and ship discounts may apply and you can attend some excursions free if you wish.

Future opportunities

This role is a very popular one with croupiers who wish to travel and attracts repeat contracts due to the lifestyle and benefit. Working on a cruise ship offers good opportunities to continue working in the same role on future contracts or to be promoted to assistant casino manager.

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For someone who enjoys being a croupier the role on a cruise ship is very appealing with an option to earn good commission and save money whilst working.