How to Become a Cruise Ship Director

The Cruise Ship Director has a very interesting and challenging role onboard. Their job is to be the head of the entertainment department and monitor their performance. This role is multifaceted and exciting if you like challenges and a fast paced environment. The benefits of working onboard a cruise ship are a huge advantage if it suits your lifestyle.

What is the Role of a Cruise Ship Director?

The main duties of a Cruise Ship Director are:

  • To manage the entertainers, stage hands and technicians as well as the activities and youth staff
  • To develop the team activity programme
  • To  ensure that the standards of entertainment are consistent with the ships product
  • To  coach the team’s performance in line with onboard standards
  • To conduct meetings regarding policies and improvements

Some tasks that you will be required to do are:

  • Training of staff
  • Evaluate guest feedback
  • Make announcements onboard
  • To host events, parties, functions and shows

Basic Requirements and Qualifications

The Cruise Ship Director should have 5 years experience within a hotel or resort in either entertainment or leisure. Experience of working on a ship is preferred and entertaining or presenting experience is helpful. You will need to have strong management skills in a multicultural environment. You will also need to pass a seafarer’s medical certificate.

Good qualities and skills that a Cruise Ship Director should have are:

  • Resilience
  • Great customer service
  • Excellent personal presentation
  • Good leadership
  • Self confidence
  • Problem solving
  • Be able to work under pressure
  • Be organized and approachable
  • Decision making
  • Excellent communication

How to Apply

Jobs are advertised on websites specializing in cruise ship placements as well as the companies own website. Travel job websites may also offer this role and sometimes positions may be advertised by agencies.

You may receive ‘Survival at Sea’ training and have some training onshore prior to joining your assigned ship. You will receive some safety training during your ship orientation as well as learning on the job.

Hours, Salary and Benefits

The Cruise Ship Director works intensively, 10 hours a day, 7 days a week for the 6 month contract. Potentially, you may work 8am to 11pm with a few short breaks during the day depending on duties. During port visits, you may leave the ship independently or join an excursion.

Salary is on a basic monthly basis.



job search
job search

Minimum per month

Maximum per month

Cruise Ship Director


5,000 USD

7,500 USD

Salary is usually tax free and contracts normally run 6 months on, followed by 2 months off. Other benefits include uniform, flights to meet the ship, single accommodation and free meals.  Free excursions and local/ship discounts sometimes apply. The company may also have a reduced staff rate for travel/holidays.

Future Opportunities

This role is quite specific and attracts repeat contracts due to the lifestyle and benefits, however it is challenging. This job offers good opportunities to continue working onboard in the same role in the future or different roles such as Shore Excursions Manager or you can choose to work onshore at the company head office.

If you have excellent organisational and social skills and you love travelling then this is an ideal career option for you.

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