Beer Vs Coffee: Which Makes You More Creative?

According to a survey by Pressat, caffeine, is the drug of choice for most of us, vital to stifling many a 10am yawn or getting through an entire series of Midsummer Murders - alive. The survey, which looked at caffeine intake amongst a range of professions, showed that it’s hard-working, highly-stressed journalists who top the list of coffee guzzlers, with police and teachers hot on their heels. No surprises there, although Brits may raise an eyebrow at the appearance of trade workers and plumbers in the list, given their purported love of ‘builders tea’.

What is perhaps more interesting than who drinks the most coffee is the physiological effect of coffee on the brain, captured nicely in this quirky infographic by coffee lover Ryoko Iwata, author of the blog I Love Coffee. Iwata stumbled across an article entitled, “Coffee vs Beer: Which drink makes you more creative?” written by blogger Mikael Cho, in which the latter ‘scientifically’ deconstructed not just the effects of coffee on the brain, but also the effects of beer on the brain. Iwata was so taken by the article that she decided to produce the following infographic, which you can check out below. The conclusion is an interesting one as regards creativity: Beer stimulates idea generation. Coffee aids the execution of those ideas. But I suggest you don’t mix the two.

Which gets your vote: coffee or beer? Let me know in the comments box below!