How to Convince the Boss to Give You More Responsibility

How to Convince the Boss to Give You More Responsibility

At some point in any career, it’s inevitable that you may face a rut. You may currently be in a job where you feel you have gotten everything possible out of it. Or you may find that you’ve hit the salary “glass ceiling”, which makes it harder to get promoted to climb the corporate ladder. You may be yearning to use some of your other talents in a meaningful way, yet your job never provides this opportunity.

Whatever the case may be, all of this doesn’t mean you have to leave the company you are currently working with. What is does mean, however, is that you have to convince your boss to change your current role up to give you more responsibility so you can expand into bigger and better things. Think of this as building your dream job. Asking for more responsibility may not be an easy conversation to have, but once you manage to get your point across, you will end up being happier in your workplace.

5 Tips for Earning More Responsibility on the Job 

Here are some expert ways to convince your boss to give you more responsibility so that you can grow in your career.

#1 - Evaluate Why you Want More Responsibility

Before you have the talk with your supervisor, it’s critical to understand why you want more responsibility. When you understand why you want added responsibility in your job, you will be able to figure out how to go about achieving it. Are you bored of your current role? Do you think it’s not challenging enough? Do you feel you now want to head a team? Ask yourself these questions before you move ahead. This gives you the foundation from which you can ask for more responsibility, instead of merely taking on more tasks.

#2 - Create a Vision for Your new Role

As part of your new role, would you like a salary increase a title change or both? There are some people who are okay with either one, and some who expect their new role to offer both. A status change can be highly beneficial to overall career growth, while a salary increase can offer personal rewards. When you figure out how to envision a new role, you will better understand the benefits of more responsibility -- whether those benefits are professional, monetary, or both.

#3 - Develop a Plan of Attack

You need to prepare yourself before you have a talk with your superiors about earning more responsibility on the job. When you create a plan of attack or a mock-up of what you are going to discuss beforehand, it gives you a clear idea about the path that you're about to tread on. This also helps you make your case more effectively. Put together something that showcases your accomplishments and list out the direction you want your new responsibilities to take you. This allows your boss to visualize the journey as well as the benefits you will offer the organization once you have changed your role.

#4 - Have the Talk

Be sure to keep the talk with your boss as professionally as possible and make sure that you conversation is focused. Avoid saying the wrong things when asking for a promotion. Schedule dedicated time to discuss your career development with your supervisor. Pick a place to have the discussion that your boss is comfortable with, such as their office. When you are meeting them on their own turf, it can do away with the possibility of any uncomfortable feelings arising. Go in there with a positive attitude and a good business case for this change.

#5 - Have an Alternative Plan

There are chances that your boss might agree to give you more responsibility and change your role at the first shot, but you also have to prepare yourself in case that doesn’t happen. If your boss argues against your case, you need to be able to have a counter-offer ready that offers a compromise that you are both comfortable with. Consider that you may want to mention shared responsibility with another manager at your workplace, or come up with a new program that enables you to demonstrate leadership ability. Help your boss see that you have the ability to take on new responsibilities on behalf of the company’s best interests.

Use the above tips to leverage your skills, your abilities, and your track record of success as you approach your boss about gaining more responsibility at work. 

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