Corporate Myths That Are Surprisingly Dangerous

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The corporate world is steeped in nefarious conspiracy theories and the perception that there are faceless entities hell-bent on world domination and monopolizing the world’s water supply. Of course, as with any conspiracy or stereotype, there is an element of truth, but it’s often superfluous and inflated. So what corporate myths are actually dangerous? Let’s take a look.

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The most dangerous myth for the average worker is the perception that your work isn’t valued matter. All your action, toil and hours are a sacrificial offering on the altar of a faceless corporate entity. Why is it dangerous? Mainly because the easiest way to be unhappy in a job is to feel disengaged, otherwise known as not giving a flying flarp. If you don’t care about your job or the entity that gives you said job then your life will be a dull repetition of the previous days’ itinerary. Slowly the life force will be drained from you, and you will become the not-so-mythical corporate zombie, meandering between home and the office in a perpetual dead-eyed loop.

The Carrot and Stick

A time tested human management system for administrators is the proverbial carrot and stick method. Your employees work hard, and they get rewarded, they slack, and they get punished. It is a technique that is often used with donkeys. Although you’d probably beg to differ, the people that work for you aren’t donkeys. If you trust yourself and the people that you chose to work with, then there is no need for a system of rewards and punishments, just the necessity of clear and direct communication. Lose the stick…yes, you can eat the carrot, though.

The Monarch

Ok, this is another entry directed more towards administration than the lower tiers of the ladder. But being the Unseen Corporate CEO that stays in his/her corporate office, only seen when they come in and leave (and often not even then because they come in before everyone and leave well after the building is vacant). They believe that their policies and actions will echo among their peons and reach the ears of their plebs like a Medieval Monarch. Communication is key for efficiency and if you don’t have that across the board, then it will start affecting your entire orginazation.

The Enforcement

Kind of on the back of the Monarch myth comes the Enforcement myth or using restrictive, oppressive HR policies to make your corporate culture read like a police state. You are not Big Brother, and your HR department isn’t the Party. Your employees will not reenact Lord of the Flies the minute you grant them some fundamental freedoms; they might actually rise to the occasion. Your staff is composed of surprisingly well-adjusted adults that will act accordingly when given the opportunity.

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