How to Get an Internship With BCG


If you are looking for a management consulting firm to intern at, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is one company that should be at the top of your list. BCG has consistently ranked near the top of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”. As an intern you will be working for a company that focuses on investing in their people and maintaining a positive and collaborative workplace environment. Additionally, if you secure an internship at BCG, you will be working for a company that has a strong commitment to cultivate work that has a positive social impact on the local and global community. This article will address how to secure an internship with BCG.

1. Learning Opportunities at BCG

If you secure an internship at BCG, you will have the opportunity to become part of the team and “experience the life of a consultant.” Interns will have the chance to participate in a real-life work environment where they can add actual workplace experience to build their resume for future career opportunities. Additionally, students who participate in the internship program will be able to apply to work full-time at BCG and develop a productive career in the company. Interns are encouraged to utilize their knowledge from the academic arena into their daily life while in the internship program. Students will also learn how to handle real client challenges that arise on a day to day basis. As an intern, you will be learning from experienced consultants in the company and learn how to be accountable for an actual client project. Interns are provided opportunities to learn how to become a BCG consultant through work on client projects and interacting and networking with fellow colleagues in the company.

2. What Interns Can Expect from the Program

The internship program at BCG can last for different terms, depending on the program. The general program lasts for two to three months. However, sometimes interns are involved in a program that lasts for only a few weeks or up to one year. As an intern, you may be expected to travel abroad to participate in program projects. Those interns who travel always come back to the main office to participate in a variety of social activities or team events at the end of the week. Management views the internship program as a way for students to embrace the company culture while learning how to become consultants—and enjoy the journey at the same time.

3. How the Program Operates

The internship program at BCG works with students who come from a variety of differing cultural backgrounds and academic disciplines. If you are included in the internship program consider the following factors on how the program operates.

  • Interest – All interns will be specifically matched with a department where their professional abilities and interests can be utilized to their maximum potential.
  • Orientation – The program provides an orientation and subsequent training classes that all interns need to participate in to guide them through the internship process.
  • Management – Interns are not left alone during the program process and are guided along the way through strong leadership and mentoring of the BCG consultants.

4. How to Apply for an Internship

The application process for securing an internship at BCG is user-friendly. Management is seeking students from the following academic backgrounds.

  • Business school
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Humanities

In order to participate in the internship program, an intern needs to be near the end of completing either their undergraduate or graduate studies program. Applications can be submitted online and you can visit their website to apply. New users to the BCG career site will need to register for a free applicant account online.

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If you completed an internship at BCG, we’d love to hear what you experienced. Do you have any advice for prospective interns in the BCG program?