How to Communicate Better at Work [Infographic]

Confronting a colleague who isn’t achieving can be difficult, though a necessary thing to do. So, how do you do it? This infographic has the answer !

Learning how to communicate constructively at work is vital. Effective dialogue can help you maintain your current relationship with your coworkers, work better within a team and benefit the organisation as a whole to work together collaboratively towards a common goal. But, sometimes, communicating properly can be a struggle, especially when you have something important to discuss with a colleague.

To help you out, this infographic from NetCredit has a few tips to help you communicate better with your coworkers. According to the infographic, it’s always best to prepare yourself before you are ready to confront the other person for any reason - whether you are giving out feedback, praising their work or pointing out their mistakes, you still need to prepare. Communicating effectively also means actively listening, speaking clearly and paying attention to your body language.

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If you want to learn how to improve the way you communicate in the workplace, take a look at this infographic and become the person your colleagues love to work with! Any thoughts are welcome in the comments section below…