Pathway for a Fruitful Career

The world is changing. Each and every day, new opportunities in the career market are increasing as new ideas, skills and talents are developing. Successful careers have been defined as one that satisfies the person involved financially and emotionally as it seeks to maximize the individual’s potential. This doesn’t come in a day. It is a journey that one has to set themselves until one gets to their ultimate career level.

Below are some tips that can set you up for a successful career path.


Knowledge and information are two key things by which you can enrich yourself for a prestigious career. The more you know the more you are marketable and job security is more easily guaranteed. There are many ways of being informed. The main one has been getting a good education-a bachelor’s degree being the most appropriate way. However, one should not be limited to school certification. If you choose a particular career path, purpose to enrich yourself beyond the certificates. Attend job seminars and conferences, read relevant magazines, articles and books relating to your career.


Many people have been used to the mainstream 8-5 job schedule. However, if you intend to rise up in terms of your career, find ways where you can be stretched beyond mainstream schedules. This is mainly by identifying what you can do, how much work you can do, when you are most productive and when you are likely to get tired. This helps in determining how productive you can be by planning your time and tasks.


Studies have shown that a good number of people are frustrated by what they do in terms of jobs and careers. This greatly inhibits their productivity. One of the best ways of choosing the best career path is identifying what you love doing even though it is not so marketable. This will be key in attitude adjustment during your career journey. If you love fashion and you intend to start a business, it would be best for you to start a boutique instead of venturing into other fields that are not of interest. On the other hand, the viability of your passion will play a big role in avoiding failures and frustrations.


Unfortunately, a lot of people in the job market have nothing to look forward to except their monthly income. A career prospector should be able to set a vision for their career by defining clear achievable goals. This can be based on various considerations which include previous achievements, strengths and weaknesses, the practicality of the goals, etc. Goals give the moral and ethical drive towards a particular achievement as well as refreshing daily motivation and determination.


Once in a while it is highly advisable to sit back and do a self-check. Analyse your professional life and identify strengths and faults to work on; the most effective way is by defining a daily to-do list and juxtaposing the activities you did against your to-do list. Self-assessment also involves attitude and personality checks. Attitude goes a long way towards ensuring that relations with colleagues and people around your work environment are healthy. Personality checks will help you identify your peer groups and train you on how to accommodate other personalities.


It is nearly impossible for a college graduate to immediately get a job in a managerial position. Inexperience would be a major challenge to that individual. Ground work will be hectic to deal with since he/she does not know what happens at that level. Starting small is key in gaining experience from a ground level. As you work your way up, you are able to know what happens at various corporate levels. This will enhance your managerial skills when you get to a top position. It can also be very vital if you choose to change career paths from employment to business. Sometimes one can choose to volunteer in another department or company as you study the activities involved. This will enhance your experience for future purposes.


20 percent discount
20 percent discount

Once you have amassed knowledge, experience and skills, focus towards displaying them to people. Work to enhance your public relations based on hard work, work delivery, reliability and consistence. You never know who would end up being your future business partner, colleague or employee. This builds a good testimony about your work ethics and moral standing that is enough to increase your marketability for offers and greater prospects.

Tip #8: BE SOBER

Finally, it is important to work on being mature professionally. This is promoted by a good self-image and confidence. Getting in shape both physically, emotionally and mentally will ensure that your productivity is not limited and that your confidence is at its best.

If you have any other tips you would like to add to this list, leave your tips in the comments section below!




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