How to Pick a Career You Will Actually Enjoy

Deciding on a career that you will enjoy can seem like an impossible task. The work environment has changed and these days it is not unusual for an individual to hold a variety of jobs during his or her lifetime. The question remains, how do you decide on the right career field? Many times our options are limited by certain financial constraints we have in regard to our current life situation. That may limit our choices when it comes to picking a career that we will actually enjoy. It is important to realize that the pathway you start on basically determines where you’re going to end up. This article will discuss steps on how to pick a career you’d enjoy as well as resources to assist in the journey.

How to Pick a Career You’ll Actually Enjoy

1. Evaluate – Discover who you are by taking a free personality test and learning how that correlates to job interests. If you know what personality type you have, it makes the process easier in ascertaining your interests and what job you’d be good at.

2. Assess – Determine your skill set and what you’re good at. You can learn a new skillset and get educated at school, through internships and work experiences. However, as you determine your skillset proclivity that will help to align your career dreams with reality. This article from offers ideas on how to assess your skillset.

3. Research – Do your research both online and in person. Speak with older college friends to ask their advice on how they decided on a career field. Check online to find various resources for individuals seeking guidance on career choices. This article provides resources on how to write a career development plan.

4. Resolve – Make a decision to keep a positive perspective throughout this process. There will be some ups and downs along the way, but having an optimistic attitude makes all the difference.

Resources to Assist in the Decision Making Process

The College Board offers free membership to individuals seeking online resources in their journey to picking a career. The College Board offers members the chance to discover the wide variety of career opportunities available. Members can also get connected to the right college suited to their specific career goals. Individuals can also create a personalized career plan directly through the website. Members can also connect with other students as well as with mentors. I love the fact that this non-profit resource is available for those seeking a career. Creating a personalized career plan through their site can assist members in ascertaining which career field they are most suited to.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook was created by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. This handbook compiles a listing of hundreds of occupations. The Bureau lists the occupations by field as well as by three major categories—highest payingprojected fastest growingprojected most new jobs. You can search for a specific occupation and ascertain certain facts like median pay and hourly pay rate. The required entry level education is also listed as well as: work experienceon the job trainingnumber of jobsjob outlook and employment change

Deciding on a career that you will enjoy can become a fun experience. The first step begins with a self-evaluation of your personality type and skillset. Researching the online resources to assist with your journey is important to help you make an informed decision. The final step of resolving to maintain a positive outlook is very important. Your perspective during this journey makes all the difference.




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