How to Show You are Passionate About the Job

If you want to get the job, sometimes you have to demonstrate your passion for it during the interview. Now, remember, you need to show your passion for the job, not the hiring manager. Wearing a scandalous, sexy outfit and flirting with the hiring manager won’t get you the job—unless you catch the guy on a good day when he’ll easily fall under your spell.

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Seriously, though, demonstrating you are passionate about the job involves more than showing cleavage and batting your eyelashes. You need to make a positive impact on the hiring manager. It’s important to stay engaged during the entire interview. You can share your passion for the job by demonstrating that you did your research. Reiterate your interest in the job and end the interview with the same intensity that you began with.

1. Make a Positive Impact on the Hiring Manager

You need to make a positive impact on the hiring manager so that his mind is reeling—in a good way—when you walk out the door. The impact must be so good that you’ll have him eating out of the palm of your hand. He’ll wish he could follow you out to the parking lot like a puppy dog following his master. True, that’s a bit of overkill, but you get the idea. Your impact needs to resonate with the hiring manager so that he can think of no one else as the perfect match for the job.

The best way to make that positive impact is to create a stellar first impression. Arrive early for the interview. You want to have time to sit down and collect your thoughts. Panting like a dog because you’re out of breath, since you ran all the way from your parking spot to go inside the building, is not going to create that positive impression. If you don’t slow down, you’re liable to make an actual impact, by running right into the hiring manager. Unless he’ll end up being the love of your life—which is highly unlikely—you don’t want to make that kind of up close and personal impact.

Demonstrate your passion for the job by coming to the interview looking your best. You want to show the hiring manager that you actually care about your appearance and want to make a good first impression. Wear stylish professional clothing that makes you look and feel good. When you’re wearing your favorite work outfit, your confidence level will shoot through the roof. That confidence will ooze out and become contagious to the hiring manager. Don’t go crazy with the fragrances. Sure, you want to smell nice. Just don’t become a toxic waste dumping ground by applying too much perfume or cologne. You don’t want everyone in your wake to pass out from the overpowering scent.

2. Stay Engaged During the Entire Interview

Once you’ve arrived, you need to stay engaged during the entire interview. That means, no zoning out when the hiring manager goes off on a tangent about something that you’ve completely lost interest in. You need to stay engaged and actually look like you care what he’s talking about, even if you don’t. You’re only trying to be yourself and stay engaged enough in the conversation that the hiring manager knows you are passionate about the job. He must see that you are truly connecting with the conversation, even if he just asked you a list of the twenty most stupid interview questions.

Don’t lose focus on his words. Maintain eye contact. Make sure you don’t act as if you are bored out of your mind and would rather be home watching TV or hanging out with your friends. There is time for that later. If you want to show that you are passionate about the job, you must stay engaged the entire time.

Don’t make strange faces while becoming fixated on the large mole on the hiring manager’s cheek or how bushy his eyebrows look. Remember, his job is to notice how engaged a candidate is. If you are lost in observing his face and don’t hear a question, you’re going to lose some points and fail the interview. Act like you’re having a conversation with a good friend. Be an active listener and participant in the conversation. Just refrain from responding with unprofessional words or tone to your voice. You don’t want to get too relaxed that you goof off.

3. Demonstrate that You've Done Research

Ok, so you know you need to make a positive impact and stay engaged. It’s also important to demonstrate that you’ve done your research. Passionate people know the ins and outs of their passions. If you can’t respond with intelligent answers that demonstrate that you’ve actually researched the company and know what you’re talking about, you might as well excuse yourself and walk out. Sounds harsh, but it’s true.

The passionate candidates—who took the time to find out the names of the CEO’s and managers, and also understand the company mission statement—will show the hiring manager that they mean business. They are hungry for the job. Now, don’t go overboard and become a ravenous wolf who has devoured every single morsel of information and is jittery on his fifth cup of coffee that morning, ready to give a verbal dissertation on the company. The hiring manager is liable to head for the hills running scared like Little Red Riding Hood, fearful that you might even devour him.

Find that balance between sharing just the right amount of information to let the hiring manager know that you’ve done your research. He’ll definitely see how passionate you are about the job.

4. Proactively Reiterate Your Interest in the Job

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End the interview with the same passion that you started with. Don’t allow your positive energy to fizzle out like flat soda once the bottle has been opened too long. Even if you think you somehow bombed the interview and won’t get a callback, don’t let that disappointment show. Remember, you are passionate about the job. You need to show that you still want the job with the same hunger that you had when you first shook hands when walking into the room.

Leave the conversation knowing that you proactively reiterated your interest in the job. Again, this all needs to be done in balance. Don’t get crazy and give the hiring manager a hug. You’ll surely be memorable then, but not in the way you want. He’ll definitely cross you off the list the minute he can disengage from your bear hug. Refrain from blatant flattery by complimenting the hiring manager on being a good interviewer. Stay professional, thank him for his time and exit with your head held high, in a calm manner. If you’ve done everything right up to this point, the hiring manager will already be considering you for a callback.

Be proactive and follow up with the hiring manager so that you will stay fresh in his mind. Don’t become a stalker. Following him to his car every night for a week is going to get creepy real fast. Rather than getting a callback, you’ll end up with a restraining order! Send a thank you, whether by mail or email. Stay professional and to the point. You’re not writing a love letter after all. If you don’t hear back in a week, refrain from the stalking option and give the hiring manager a call. Hopefully, your passion was well-balanced and the hiring manager wants you for the job.

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Showing that you are passionate about the job takes some work on your part. You can’t simply waltz into the interview in a lackadaisical manner and expect to get the job. Being careless and lacking the right amount of enthusiasm can quickly move you down to the slush pile of candidates who won’t be considered. Make that positive impact and stay engaged. Respond intelligently and be proactive in your follow up.

What have you done to show that you are passionate about the job? Let us know in the comments section below.