The 50 Best Job Search Websites and Tools for Jobseekers


Do you want to find a new job but have no idea where to look or what tools to use? Don't worry, we have you covered! Read on and improve your job hunt!

Have you just graduated from college and want to find your first “real job”? Are you currently unemployed and looking for a job? Or do you want to leave your current job and find something better? No matter your situation, if you are an active job seeker, we are here to help. So, we created a comprehensive list of the best job search websites and tools to aid you in your job hunt.

By now most of you know a lot about job hunting; writing a strong cv, a compelling cover letter, practising the most common job interview questions and answers and even how to successfully negotiate your salary.

But how do you find a job? Do you know what tools to use, or where to search for a job? Well, there are a lot of different options:

  • Networking: Finding a job by networking means you are using word of mouth to find out whether there are any jobs available that haven’t been advertised. By networking effectively, you can easily get inside information on several careers or jobs, and have great relationships with people who can help you in your job searching activities.
  • Traditional sources of advertised vacancies: You can look in newspapers, trade magazines and job centers to find vacancies, but these sources are being used less and less as time goes on.
  • Recruitment agencies: Recruitment agencies are here to do all the hard work for you and make the process as easy as possible, especially when you have the skills and qualifications employers are looking for.
  • Online: The most accessible form of job searching is the internet. Most of the job search engines are free and take a lot (if not all) of the legwork out of sorting through and applying for jobs.

But, because there are so many websites available for job seekers, some of them are so bad that they offer no opportunities and just waste your time. Because of this, the need to sort the good from the bad in this list is paramount!

Industry-specific job boards

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The following websites are industry specific, so you have to know what industry(s) you want to work in.

1. eFinancialCareers

eFinancialCareers features around 9,000 jobs in the fields of finance, insurance and banking around the world. If you are a financial professional seeking to find a job in asset management, investment banking, auditing, trading, securities or risk management this can be your go to website. It also provides salary survey information along with job market and industry news.

2. HealthcareJobSite

HealthcareJobSite is a website offering over 500,000 healthcare jobs for people who want to work in the U.S. The best tool feature of the site is that it offers you the option of having an online career portfolio. The site can be used by a wide range of healthcare professionals such as RNs, CNAs, lab personnel and others.

3. JobsOnTheMenu

JobsOnTheMenu specialises in restaurant jobs for hostesses, restaurant managers, servers, chefs and more in some of the best restaurants in the U.S. It uses the catchy tagline “Fresh Jobs Served Daily” and advertises thousands of jobs all over the country.

4. Crunchboard

Crunchboard is a great site for people who are interested in working in the tech industry. This online job board is part of the popular TechCruch community of websites which includes MobileCrunch, TechCrunch, CrunchGear and TechCrunch IT, so the jobs advertised will definitely appeal to regular visitors of these sites. And even though this board mainly focuses on tech jobs you can also search for jobs related to sales, marketing, business operations and customer service, as long as they are affiliated with tech-based organizations.

5. Dice

Dice is dedicated to tech industry jobs. It offers a big database of available positions in the IT sector as well as a variety of articles with advice and tips on securing a job in the Information Technology field. There are over 87,000 jobs advertised on Dice, and you can search for these jobs based on title, type of employment, skills or by their company name.


USAJOBS is the U.S. government’s official website for government jobs from the Department of Transportation to the Department of Veteran Affairs. Those who are interested in getting a federal job can search for a job here, apply online and learn all about pay, eligibility and benefits.

7. Behance

Behance is a great community for all creative people who are trying to find a creative job (freelance or permanent). The site also offers useful tools to display their portfolios online and possibly connect with other creative professionals.

8. Idealist

Idealist is ideal for people interested in having a career helping others. The jobs posted on this website are all for nonprofit organizations and include volunteer opportunities, internships as well as jobs. You can search by area of interest, type of job, keywords or location. You can also find several articles here about the type of work available and an option to subscribe and get daily opportunities based on your location and interests.

9. Talent Zoo

Talent Zoo offers around 87,000 job opportunities for skilled people interested in a job in marketing, advertising, design and creative pursuits as well as web related positions. You can search for the jobs based on the company, location, date posted or the name of the job.

10. is perfect for individuals interested in building a career in this growing field. You can find a job in supply chain, transportation, purchasing, manufacturing and distribution and others.

11. Sales Gravy

Sales Gravy is ideal for sales professionals offering available job opportunities, as well as a wide variety of sales training services and articles related to sales. Both seasoned and new professionals can find this site useful with famous employers such as DowJones, Verizon and AutoZone.

12. Mediabistro

Mediabistro boosts itself with their tagline: “the pulse of media” and offers a wide variety of media jobs such as social media and communication coordinator positions - anything related to media or communications. The site also hosts events such as cocktail parties, boot camps, trade shows, online events and conferences providing amazing networking opportunities.

13. Mashable

Mashable may be famous for their news and trending topics, but they also have a great online job board offering several social media and digital gigs and tools to help you create a fantastic digital resume.

14. is another website for media jobs offering more than 1,000 journalism jobs globally. It offers typical employment opportunities, internships, freelance work opportunities as well as diversity jobs.

15. IEEE Job Site

IEEE Job Site offers a database where you can search for any available jobs related to engineering. There are also tools to build your resume, and help you search for jobs based on employer among others.

16. VentureBeat

VentureBeat is used for technology innovation news and has a job board with opportunities in the technology industry.

17. Culinary Agents

Culinary Agents connects jobseekers with employers within the hospitality industry, and lists thousands of exciting opportunities across the globe.

18. TechCareers

TechCareers features around 200,000 engineering and tech jobs as well as tools to create your own portfolio and attract potential recruiters looking for tech individuals.

19. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow provides information for talented engineers, computer programmers and developers interested in finding better opportunities for career growth.

Flexible, contract, part-time work and telecommuting job boards

Even though we live in a very competitive job market, there are also several benefits that make today’s job market amazing; there is literally something for every kind of worker. Not everyone is made for the traditional 9-5 lifestyle, so if you are one of those people then do not worry; there are several job search sites specifically for you:

20. Upwork

Upwork is the perfect place to build your freelance career as it is the 'world’s largest online workplace, where 1+million companies hire freelancers to get the job done'. Upwork lets you find contract opportunities and manage your projects there, as well.

21. Snagajob

Snagajob features around 500,000 jobs posted in the last month alone. It offers a variety of career opportunities from participating in studies to seasonal work in retail.

22. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is the ideal website for people interested in remote work, freelance work or part-time jobs. It offers job seekers with research, advice, opportunities and other benefits for members who are interested for a monthly, quarterly or annual membership.


General job boards

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If you don’t know where to start your job search and still need some time to figure out your specialization, dream job or even skills you can start off by searching for jobs on more general websites. You can also narrow down your job search by profession and type of position, so it is definitely one of the best starting points for your job hunting process.

23. Ladders

Ladders was initially launched for executives earning over $100,000 a year, but it has since expanded to include all jobs representing around 43, 000 recruiters.

24. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is one of the largest job search sites today. It operating in 23 countries apart from the U.S and gets roughly 24 million visitors per month. You can also save your jobs and searches as well as post resumes and cover letters online.

25. Craigslist

Craigslist is not just a site about selling or buying stuff. You can search for jobs in the U.S and around the world, in categories divided by different specialties.

26. Indeed

Indeed boasts over 600,000 jobs per week and is one of the most famous job search websites with over 140 million visitors per month. You can pretty much search for everything until you find the right job for you. This could be the best starting point if you're unsure.

27. Monster

Monster is one of the most recognized and visited websites worldwide and is definitely worth it spending some time checking it out.

28. Glassdoor

Glassdoor boasts an Alexa rank of 137 among U.S audiences. In addition to offering a job search feature with nearly 6,000 jobs, also offers salary information and company reviews from employees. Honestly, the company research feature is probably even more useful than the actual job board.

29. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is an online job board offering over 9 million jobs. It also provides informative charts demonstrating occupation trends, industry trends and geographic trends.

Social job boards

Now that we are well into the 21st century, many employers are advertising available job positions and hiring employees using social media. So, if you are a savvy job seeker these sites might be useful to you:

30. Persona

Persona helps you clean up your online presence and makes your social media profiles more recruiter-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about your social media presence ruining your chances of employment.

31. TweetMyJobs

TweetMyJobs is used to spread the word about available job positions. This is mainly used by businesses interested in hiring a candidate who is savvy enough to use this medium during their job hunt.

32. JobsMiner

JobsMiner offers a cool tool that extracts job openings from a wide range of social media platforms to match your own search criteria.

33. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most useful social media sites helping you secure a job. This is a favourite website for hiring managers, employers as well as jobseekers.

Student job boards


Searching for your first real job can be one of the hardest things you ever do. Because without much experience, job searching is so much harder. So, here are the best sites for students with a wide variety of jobs offered by employers looking for a fresh perspective.

34. Chegg Internships

Chegg Internships is the ideal website for students looking for internships. They offer numerous internship opportunities all over the U.S, representing over 62,000 organizations with about 91,000 internship opportunities.

35. College Recruiter

College Recruiter this is for current students and recent graduates offering a variety of opportunities starting from entry-level jobs to internships and more. They also offer advice and resume reviews  for free.


Now that you know all the different websites out there to search for your job, you need some tools to enhance your chances of getting that job you’ve always dreamt of. Take a moment to check out these awesome job search apps and tools:

36. Good Job App

Good Job App is a paid app allowing you to track your progress during your job hunt, create events or tasks and follow ups to job interviews. It’s an all in one app.

37. PayScale

PayScale provides you with the ability to compare salaries and benefits based on your experience, skills or city. Sometimes, you can even get salary information about specific employers.

38. LinkUp

LinkUp this mobile app gives you the opportunity to search jobs available exclusively on business websites on your mobile device so you can always search wherever you are.

39. Job Applications Online

Job Applications Online has a tool that helps you during the online application process for popular employers like Subway, McDonalds, Home Depot or Lowes.

40. LinkedIn Job Search App

LinkedIn Job Search App is another cool app from LinkedIn that helps you search, filter and sort out jobs using your Apple or Android devices. You can also check out if any of your LinkedIn contacts are working at the same organization.

41. BeKnown

BeKnown is an app by Monster and allows you to use your Facebook connections in your job search like you would use LinkedIn.

42. CareerCloud

CareerCloud spreads the word to you before anyone else finds out. They send you news about new positions before they are even announced on other online job boards, sifting through newspapers, business press releases and social media posts.

43. Apploi

Apploi tries to connect job hunters with potential employers that are a good match due to their skills and expertise. They offer advice, tips, training and job searches as well as allowing interested employers to contact you on your mobile phone.

44. Visualize

Visualize is a great tool that allows you to create an infographic or more visual version of your resume, ideal for more innovative and creative roles.

45. JobAware

JobAware provides the opportunity to search for jobs through Indeed using your mobile device’s GPS feature choosing from full-time, part-time, freelance, contract or internship positions and comparing salaries as well as tracking your progress on your chosen jobs.

46. Paysa

Paysa is a great platform with numerous tools such as company rank that all use propriety technology to help you understand your worth, what you should be paid, what you would be paid if you moved to another company and even what skills would make you more valuable to employers.

47. Bureau of Labor Statistics

The government-run Bureau of Labor Statistics website collects, analyses and distributes employment information by geographic area, occupation and more.

48. Pocket Resume

Pocket Resume this paid app allows you to create a resume on your Apple device that you can use and send from your mobile device.

49. Jobcompass

Jobcompass allows you to search for job openings within a 5 mile radius of your home and up to 100 miles you’re your location.

50. JobberJobber

JibberJobber is another great tool helping you manage your job hunting by letting you track your progress to stay on top of everything.

With this comprehensive list of the 50 best job search sites, apps and tools at your hands you will have a clearer and better path towards securing the job of your dreams. Take some time to review all the above sites that could be relevant to you, and apply them today to improve your job searching techniques.

Are you familiar with any of the above websites and tools? Which one is your favourite? Let us know below…