The Importance of a Good Suit

Do you dress up for work every day in corporate attire? Do you think that your wardrobe could do with a bit of sprucing up? Then you need to invest in a good suit!

Never underestimate the importance of a good suit. Not only does it change how people perceive you, but it ignites you with a self-confidence and suave that you didn’t even know you possessed.

How does a suit work for me?

Whether you’re heading for a job interview or already landed the job, always understand what a good suit can do for you.

First things first, it’ll automatically increase your confidence. Your posture will change, you’ll stand straighter, and present yourself in a different light.

A sleek and precise wardrobe also says: ‘this person is very, very good at their job’. Even if you think you’re not cut out for a particularly daunting task, by dressing the part, you’ll be one step closer to achieving success.

How can I be sure that my suit is right?

Get precise measurements

When buying a suit, one of the most important things to bear in mind is your measurements. Rather than trying different options, get professionally measured up. This will ensure that your suit is perfectly fitted and sits at the right length on your ankles/wrists.

Choose your colours carefully

Colours are everything. Avoid anything too garish or outlandish, such as pink with white pinstripes or three-piece-yellow. Stick to neutrals, such as grays, blacks, navy blues, olive greens and dark browns. Pinstripes in these colours are equally as flattering, while the summer months allow for lighter colours, such as tan or khakis. Always ensure that the colour you wear matches your complexion.

Choose your style


Do you prefer three buttons or two?  Are you keen on the double breasted suit or feel a bit too bold? Fancy yourself in a three-piece suit? Comfort is ultimately key, as if you feel uncomfortable, you will look uncomfortable, which defeats the whole purpose of a good suit.