The Introvert’s Guide to Job Interviews

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Job interviewing may be harder for introverts though there are plenty of ways you can win over potential employers. Here’s how you can make it happen.

Introverts are closed to everyone. They don’t open up easily and probably only have a few friends they feel comfortable being around. Their favourite time is when they are alone because that’s when they feel most inspired. As such introverts hate being in unfamiliar situations or places where there are lots of people and aren’t likely to enjoy having to initiate small talk at a networking event or even worse, being interrogated by strangers.

Someone might say that these personal characteristics would put introverts at a disadvantage as far as it concerns job-hunting and more specifically in the case of interviewing for a job. Clearly having to speak up for themselves or talking to a panel of interviewers isn’t something introverts feel too confident about, but they have to do it nevertheless.

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If you consider yourself an introvert, then don’t worry, you can prepare yourself for any upcoming job interview. The following advice and tips provided by Red 10 can help you improve your performance at interviews and hopefully get the job.

#1 Conduct Your Research

Preparation is essential to job interview success. This is especially true for introverts who you often lack the ability to think on their feet and improvise an answer, when they don’t really have anything to say. But, this is where research comes in handy. In order to avoid situations like this, make sure that you conduct your research on the organisation and that you have prepared some answers to common interview questions that will give you a sense of structure and direction eliminating the element of surprise.  

#2 Breathe

Job interviews can be stressful. The most effective way to deal with nerves is to try to relax and improve your body posture so that you feel better about yourself. Practicing some power poses might come handy in this situation. Also, even though it’s obvious, allowing yourself some time to take a deep breath before you blurt out your answers, will give you some time to think and calm yourself down.

#3 Dress Comfortably

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Even though a job interview is essentially a one-time opportunity, you shouldn’t try to be someone you are not. In fact, the best way to convince interviewers you are the best candidate is to be yourself. This doesn’t mean that you should wear your half-cut jeans and your favourite casual t-shirt to ‘feel more like you’ while you are there, but dress in a way that allows you to express your individuality without putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

#4 Prepare Questions


There is a reason why you should prepare your own questions to ask interviewers. Apart from learning more about the role and the employer and showing your interest in the job, these questions can help you change the discussion dynamics between the two of you. So, instead of seeing your interviewer as the big, scary and authoritative person who is constantly firing out questions, you can treat your interviewer as a friend you can have a friendly and casual conversation with. This can balance out the pressure and make you more confident with your answers.

#5 Be Positive

When you are there it’s important not to let yourself fall into the trap of thinking about what might go wrong. Instead, focus on what you have practiced and retain your positivity thinking that the interview will go well. To help yourself relax, smile more and be aware of your body language. Smiling will automatically make you appear friendlier and will put you in a good mood.

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As an introvert, you will have to do whatever you can to help yourself feel more comfortable in stressful situations just like job interviews. Once you do so you will feel more confident which in itself increases the chances of you getting the job.

Do you consider yourself an introvert? What’s your secret to performing well in job interviews?