Top 10 Apps for Job Seekers in Canada


As technology and social media have changed the way companies recruit employees, job seekers have also had to change their ways in searching for new careers. It is important that Canadian job seekers are utilizing the best job seeking applications. Many of the apps available across mobile platforms focus on US-based companies and are often a waste of time for Canadians. Here are 10 of the best apps for Canadians who are looking for a job.

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1. JobAware

This app works with anything Apple, and is available for free to download. The customizable search allows you to narrow the jobs within your area using your GPS or by typing in your location. This app is also loaded with career-boasting resources such as résumé building tips, a salary comparison chart, and negotiation tactics. You can even search your friends’ companies to see if they are hiring. JobAware links with LinkedIn, features notes on each job, and offers a multitude of full-time, part-time, internships, and freelance work.

2. Monster

Monster has been a staple for job hunters on the web and has now become a staple for those job seekers from their mobile phones. The interface is clean and easy to use and, frankly, is well beyond most of the other job apps out there. It has an unlimited number of search functions that can narrow down your job hunt. It syncs with Facebook and provides résumé and cover letter help. This app also lets you apply right away or save the jobs for later when you can fix up that résumé.

3. LinkedIn Job Search

This app gives you all the tools you need to find your dream job with the location-based search. It automatically recommends and notifies you with new jobs that match your searches. It connects with your LinkedIn profile allowing you to apply to jobs with just a few taps, see your business connections at companies you have applied for, learn more about the job poster, and track the status of your job application. There are few better apps out there than this one for Canadian job seekers.

4. Jobr

This app seeks to match potential job seekers and recruiters with just a single swipe. Jobr connects to your LinkedIn profile and allows users to create a profile page of their jobs history and skills. From there, users can sit back and watch as the app does its magic and brings up job advertisements that fit your profile. The concept is indeed quite simple: swipe left if the job doesn’t interest you and swipe right if you want to know more about it. Meanwhile, the recruiters are doing the same thing on their end and, if there is a match, the app connects you to a chat with each other.

5. CareerBuilder

You can store up to five résumés and cover letters with this clever app, allowing you to make them public or keep them private. You can search and apply for literally thousands of jobs with this mobile app. Search by location, search by title, company; the opportunities are endless. This app will also narrow down jobs that allow you to apply to within the app. It tracks your jobs that you have reviewed, applied to and emailed, and has a handy ‘quick apply’ that lets you apply to similar jobs with just one tap of the finger.

6. Job Search - Simply Hired

This is another app that pulls jobs from a number of platforms and places them all in one spot, making it easy to find your next dream job. Simply Hired lets users create a free job search profile which enables the app to make better recommendations to you. Users can create a résumé using their LinkedIn Profile and easily apply to jobs with that saved résumé. Other bonuses of this app is the free email job alerts and the fact that users can access their job search on any platform whether it be a tablet, mobile device or laptop with their online profile.

7. Kijiji Free Local Classifieds

Although this website is known for its ‘buy and sell’ feature, it can also be a valuable job search app for Canadian users. Kijiji allows you to narrow down your search not just by city but also by suburbs within that city. Instead of searching just ‘Toronto’, users can search Halton, Oakville and Mississauga. This app truly narrows down the location. Users will also find smaller companies that exclusively use Kijiji and if you are a job seeker looking for part-time work, something in the farming business or other non-traditional job market, this may just be the app to use.

8. Job Search by ZipRecruiter

This app couldn’t be simpler to use and brings back a ton of results that you don’t find on other platforms. After installing, it is as easy as entering in your search term and pressing ‘Search’. ZipRecruiter uses your GPS to know your location and quickly brings up jobs in your area that match your keyword search. If you don’t know what you are looking for, you can simply search for all jobs around you without entering a search term. This app also allows you to apply to any job with just one tap and is the quickest and most efficient app for Canadian job seekers.

9. WowJobs

Although it is not as sleek as others, WowJobs remains one of the top 10 best places to hunt for jobs on your mobile, especially for those looking for a wide range of jobs in a particular city. This app pulls job listings from a whole slew of other websites, and loads them into one large list for you. Although you have to go through the employer’s website to apply for any of the jobs, it gets the job searching done for you. This app is perfect for those who just want a simple app that pulls jobs from every job board out there.

10. Indeed Job Search

This is another app that pulls jobs from different sources, but offers even more choices. Job seekers will still have to apply through employers’ websites, but the layout and search options are more customizable than WowJobs. Indeed promises to offer millions of jobs from thousands of companies and it certainly does not disappoint. The recent job searches at the side of the screen ensure you remember exactly what it was you searched for last time.

There is a plethora of choice for Canadian job seekers using mobile apps; the trick is to find the one that works best for you. Polish up your résumé, head over to your app store, and start applying to find your next dream job.