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The Great Place to Work Institute’s 2014 survey of top French companies identified the best workplaces in the country. They rank employers based on the working conditions, employees’ pride in their work, and the management. The list is dominated by Anglo multinationals, especially in the top positions. However, in the top spot lies a native French company.

1. Davidson Consulting

Davidson Consulting Company is a market research, custom consulting and newsletters production company. It offers consulting services to an array of clients such as Agilent, Alcom, Ameritech, Biscom, AT&T, and many others. The company has approximately 1,000 employees. It recorded revenue of €87 million in 2013 and increased reaching more than €100 million in the following years.

2. Mars France

This is a multinational company with a branch in France. Mars France contains four entities, namely Petcare, Food, Chocolate, and Mars Global services. The company’s net sales are more than $33 billion. Of all the 2,100 employees who participated in the survey, 94 percent declared Mars France as a great place to work.

3. PepsiCo France

PepsiCo France was established in 1993, and it is a young and dynamic company. As a food company, it has a complementary and beverage portfolio that offers a variety of choices to their customers. Almost 600 spirited employees work for the enterprise, making it a major player in the food industry and grossing over $1 billion in sales.

4. Microsoft France

Microsoft is a global company with branches and affiliate companies all over the world. It has featured several times in the great place to work survey for many years now. Consequently, Microsoft France is one of the best companies to for in France, while it promises a rewarding and fulfilling career to its 1,565 employees.

5. Extia

Extia, like PepsiCo France, is a young and dynamic company with new opportunities for those looking to join the company. It is an engineering and technology consulting company supporting clients in all phases of their projects. As of the end of 2014, Extia had 543 employees.

6. Leroy Merlin France

Leroy Merlin France is responsible for assisting French residents and homeowners with home improvement and repair projects. Leroy Merlin has over 19,000 employees who foresee sales of products and solutions to home improvements. Leroy Merlin had a turnover of 5.8 billion euros as of December 31, 2014.

7. McDonald’s France

McDonald’s is a global company and a major player in the food service industry. The company’s branch in France took the seventh spot in the French top ten companies because of the commitment and support it gives to its 61,396 employees. McDonald France does more than just provide food vouchers to its employees.

8. Proctor and Gamble France

Procter and Gamble France supplies products such as pet food, personal care products, cleaning products and detergents. The company hires over 90% of job applicants. It is committed to creating a diverse and competitive workplace for its employees to enable them to grow and build their careers. It had 717 employees on its payroll.

9. Electro Depot

Electro Depot was started in 2003, and it is a household appliances, televisions, white products and stereo systems seller. It prides itself on providing good discounts and excellent customer service. The company has 1,333 employees and has a training section on business economics to help its employees gain more knowledge about business operations.

10. General Mills France

Rounding off the top ten is General Mills France, which is a food company with over fifteen decades of experience. Its 544 employees are flexible and dynamic. Its employees participated in the survey and voted General Mills France as a top employer. In 2013, General Mills France had net sales amounting to $19.1 billion.

The ranking is subject to change with an annual survey done. However, most of the top employers remain among the top 50 or 100 best companies. The list above is composed of companies with more than 500 employees. The companies’ employees demonstrated satisfaction and dedication in the workplace.




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