Top 10 Most Popular Hourly Paid Jobs in the UK

Even though the UK economy is recovering and unemployment is falling, there are thousands of qualified people who are not able to find a full-time, stable job, and as a result, hourly paid jobs are now becoming very popular. Having an hourly job not only enables you to earn a wage for each hour you put in at work, and affords you the flexibility to pursue another job. Whether you are a student, permanent employee or retiree who wants to earn an additional income, you can always seek an hourly job that fits your schedule.

Here are the most popular hourly paid jobs in the UK.

1. Customer Service Assistant

Customer service assistants are usually hired by fashion stores, supermarkets, grocery stores and many other types of retail businesses. They respond to customer enquiries, provide product or service information, take orders, receive payments for goods and services, and escalate complaints to the customer services supervisor or manager. If you want this job, you will need excellent customer service, interpersonal and communication skills, as well as an award or certificate in customer service.

Hourly rate: £6.06-£7.82

2. Bar Steward

Entertainment establishments like to pay hourly rates because their business normally gets ultra busy during the evenings and weekends. Nonetheless, bar stewards generally work in bars, pubs and nightclubs where they take orders, prepare and mix drinks, serve customers, assist in stock control and clean the service area. Those who work in wine bars may be asked to give professional opinions on the various wines that are on sale. Aspiring bar stewards should have some hospitality experience, and good interpersonal and customer service skills.

Hourly rate: From £6.39

3. Care and Support Worker

care taker

Care and support workers take care of vulnerable people, including the elderly and physically disabled. They work toward helping them live independently in their own homes. Typical tasks include providing companionship, preparing meals, shopping for groceries, doing laundry and general housekeeping. Care and support workers can be hired by agencies that provide care services, or directly by the clients’ families. Although you don’t need any formal training to get started in this position, pursuing a course in home and community care can greatly improve your employment prospects. You must also be empathetic and compassionate.

Hourly rate: £6.14- £8.03

4. Dental Hygienist

horrible bosses
horrible bosses

Did you think that hourly paid jobs are only available for positions that require little training? Well, you are wrong. Although dental hygienists normally work from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, many are boosting their incomes by working during the weekends on an hourly basis. Their work involves giving dental health advice to clients, taking x-rays and maintaining sterile conditions in dental offices. They can also, under the supervision of a dentist, provide treatment to patients with dental conditions. To become a dental hygienist, you must complete a diploma of higher education in dental hygiene or a foundation degree in oral health science. Opportunities that pay an hourly wage are available in private dental practices.

Hourly rate:  £19.40 - £34.26

5. Receptionist

Receptionists work in medical offices, hotels, corporate offices and other business establishments. Those who are hired on an hourly schedule are usually required to be at work at specific times, mostly when the employer has a high number of clients. Although roles may vary from setting to setting, they are generally responsible for answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, sorting incoming mail, tidying up the reception area and referring visitors to various offices or departments. IT proficiency, good organizational skills, a smart appearance and good GCSE’s in math and English are the qualifications needed for this job.

Hourly rate: £7-£8

6. Electrician


When an electrical contractor secures a project, he or she doesn’t need to hire permanent electricians because the work is temporary. Instead, he hires electricians on an hourly rate to install wiring systems and equipment in buildings and other establishments, and repair electrical malfunctions throughout the period of the project. You can get started as an electrician through an apprenticeship program, or you can go to a technical school and pursue a level 3 diploma in electrotechnical services.  

Hourly rate: £7.55 -£15.72

CV Writing Services
CV Writing Services

7. Courier

Yomo Courier

Bicycle, motorcycle and van couriers are hired by companies that provide parcel and cargo delivery services. As a courier, your work will involve collecting packages from designated pick-up points, delivering them to recipients in a timely manner and maintaining accurate paperwork of deliveries. You will also be responsible for the safety of the packages from pick-up point, right until they get into the hands of recipients. This job is suitable for experienced drivers with their own vans or bikes. A clean driving record is also crucial.

Hourly rate: £6.27-£8.84

8. IT Support Technician/Analyst

Computer manufacturers, telephone operators and network providers must be able to provide round-the-clock services to their customers. To ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, they rely on their IT support technicians; professionals whose main task is to provide online, telephone or face to face technical support to clients. These techs troubleshoot hardware and software problems, configure IT products to meet customer requirements and teach clients on how to work around common IT problems. To become an IT support specialist, pursue a level 1 or level 2 qualification in ICT systems support. You may also be able to get started as a trainee technician if you have a sound knowledge of IT.

Hourly rate: £6-£13

9. Further Education Lecturer

Hourly paid lecturer positions are becoming increasingly popular in many colleges, universities and professional schools, mainly because of the high number of students who enroll on evening or part-time courses. Lecturers are responsible for providing quality instruction to students and equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in a competitive job market. Besides conducting classes and administering assignments and examinations, these lecturers also take part in the development and review of curricula. Like their fulltime counterparts, aspiring hourly paid lecturers must have at least a master’s degree in a field that is related to the discipline they wish to teach, significant research expertise and clear communication skills.

Hourly rate: £15-£30.

10. Cleaner

Cleaners may be ranked lowest in the workplace, but their services are indispensable. Without them, the workplace would be dirty, messy and barely functional. They are responsible for sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming and buffing floors, emptying trash and generally keeping spaces clean and tidy. If you are interested in this job, you can find employment in companies that provide janitorial services. Some companies also prefer to hire cleaners directly, rather than contracting a professional service provider. Although there are no formal qualifications required to become a cleaner, some janitorial companies run apprenticeship programs that can improve your competence.

Hourly rate: £6.13 - £9.83

So, these are some of the most popular hourly paid jobs in the country. There are others too, like chiropractors assistant, warehouse assistant and food service worker. As you look for the one that fits you, it is important to ensure it pays at least the minimum wage outlined in the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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