Top 5 Work Habits That Can Ruin Your Career

The office environment presents a dynamic environment that challenges your personality and work ethic. You need to interact with your colleagues, perform your duties and play a part in the overall success of the team. Your success in the workplace depends largely on your ability to create habits that make it easy for others to work with you. However, there are habits that can turn off or annoy your colleagues.


The workplace does not tolerate lateness without a proper apology. Your colleagues may excuse you, but it reflects poorly on your character and may affect your performance evaluation. Delaying others in the workplace is not acceptable. Lateness affects your chances of promotions and progression within the company and can cost you your job. Maintain respect by being on time and giving an apology if you cannot make it on time. If you are late, stay longer or skip breaks whenever you are late to cover up lost time.


A negative attitude affects your career. It puts people off, and they constantly avoid working with you. Avoid complaining; in case you face a problem, focus on the solution and only highlight the problem when presenting the solution. Do not bad mouth your co-workers or superiors; it may work against you. If things are going downward, choose to be optimistic and help your colleagues focus on the positive. Companies always let complainers go even if their work is good.


Lack of integrity in the workplace is unacceptable and can lead to immediate dismissal. Stealing, taking credit for other people’s ideas, coming in late or leaving early and covering up for others mistakes can compromise your integrity. Sometimes you can get away with lying, but eventually someone will notice and it will affect your credibility. Lack of integrity affects your advancement in the company and makes it hard for your co-workers to relate with you as there is no trust. Clients also lose confidence in you and your organisation, thus hurting the business.


The workplace is a stressful environment, and you will often disagree or argue with others. Stay calm and in control. Do not lose your temper, give rude comments or shout at your colleagues. In an argument, keep quiet, let the issue rest, and do not pick it up at later. Focus your attention on work not personalities. If you disagree with a co-worker, address the issue, not the person and if you feel disrespected, raise the issue with the human resource office.

Team Work

The workplace thrives on people working with each other round the clock. Not playing your part in a team affects your assessment as an individual. Each team member gives her efforts and skills to complete a task and even in a solitary job, your success depends highly on the group. You must learn to socialize and interact with each member of the team. Do not base your relationships on feeling; rather respect each member’s contribution towards the success of the team.

The workplace challenges your personality on a daily basis. Cultivate habits that help you advance and work well with others. Respect your colleagues and keep your personal issues private as they often affect your work negatively.


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