Waitering And Waitressing Your Way Around The World

Travelling is one of those things in life that everyone wants to do, yet many don't have the opportunity. I am not talking about going on one or two week holidays. I'm referring to experiencing a country; living like the locals and taking in everything that country has to offer. There are very few jobs that allow you to bounce around. So, before you settle down in your dream job, take advantage of what waiting tables can offer you.

Perks Of Being a Waiter/Waitress

Waiting tables is not generally what people want to be doing when they grow up. Waiters/waitresses work long, unsociable hours, make low wages and deal with all kinds of unpleasant people. For those of you who have spent time working in the restaurant industry, you will know. With that being said, there are many perks for a young individual with the itch to travel.

  • In many parts of the world, wait staff make generous tips. Cash tips accumulate quickly; that money goes directly into their pocket.
  • Working long hours, means saving all that cash becomes quite easy (especially when they have a travel destination in mind).
  • It is a job that can be found just about anywhere in the world, and there is no extensive education needed.
  • Wait staff come and go; it is not generally a job where you stay for many, many years. This gives you the flexibility to up and go if you please.

Your Ticket to Travel

There are many young waiters/waitresses who are currently taking advantage of this scenario. You won't be complaining about working long hours when you're serving drinks off the coast of France or taking part in Oktoberfest.

If you are in a more stable 9-5 job, it is hard to travel around. It is not ideal to go from one office to the next (it is also harder to find this work abroad). When it comes to waiting tables, they'll always be somewhere to fund your continuing travels. The internet is a powerful tool that has allowed for so many possibilities. Use the internet; find jobs, accommodations and things you want to see and do in advance.  

Being at work will be an experience in itself. You will meet all kinds of people, try different foods and gain life experience. Then on your days off, you will have met people to show you around. You will be seeing the country like it's meant to be seen.

What Would Be Required Of You

  • Just because you don't need a degree to wait tables, does not mean experience is not important. The more experience you have, the better. Highly respected restaurants look for experience and in some cases they want to see that you attended a post-secondary institute (shows that you're a dedicated, hard worker).
  • You will need a high sense of adventure. There will be many unplanned moments; going with the flow is something you'll enjoy.
  • Depending on where you work, you may require a working visa. Due to the European Union, UK residents do not require a visa to work within EU countries. Including the UK, there are twenty-eight countries involved. You can start in Italy, make enough to stop in Greece and then end your adventure in Sweden. Make your way through Europe first; there's so much to see and experience. If you enjoy your travels, you can always explore other options such as Australia, Canada or Japan (these will require a working visa). That's the appeal; the world is your oyster (and it is quite possible that you will be serving oysters along the way).

If you're currently working as a waiter or waitress and have the passion for travel and adventure; you are the perfect candidate.