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CVS / JUL. 16, 2013
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An Example of an Internationally Recognized CV

An internationally recognized CV is one of the best CVs to create if you are searching for employment within traditional sectors or on an international scale. This is because the structure of the CV will be globally recognized and can therefore be easily navigated and understood by businesses and companies from across the globe.  

Below is an example of how a traditional CV should be structured:

At the top right hand side of the page the candidate should indicate the following information:

Full Name

Email Address

Alternative Contact Details


Current Occupation


Years of Experience

The next section of your CV is your opportunity to briefly outline your career objectives. Below this your career highlights should be listed.

In the next section of your CV you should include information regarding your work experience. This must be all vacancies that are relevant to the vacancy that you are applying for. Here you can indicate the job title, company name, industry of operation and the period of time that you worked for the company. You can also briefly summarize the organization that you worked for and provide a description of your responsibilities whilst employed at the company. Finally, outline the skills that you acquired whilst working for the organization.

The next section should list your education and qualifications. This will give recruiters an overview of the number of years that you studied for, the qualifications that you received (and where you received them from) and the level of education that you achieved.

Upon listing your education and work experience you can then include additional information to ensure that your CV is as unique and engaging as possible. Options include any unique skills that you posses, additional languages that you know and your interests and hobbies.

You can also list any professional memberships you hold, any honors and awards that you have received and your work authorization if applying for work overseas. Some job seekers also choose to list references at the bottom of their CVs. 

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