The Top 67 Companies Offering Internships

Are you looking for an internship? Here is a long list of companies that you can apply to.

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Getting a job can be tough in today’s job market. Whereas in the past you would expect to finish school and find your place in the workforce, today it isn’t guaranteed. As a new graduate, you may struggle to find an employer who can offer you what you need in terms of company culture, working hours, salary and of course, career prospects. Even after spending months searching for a job, you may still be unemployed despite being perfectly qualified for a position.

If you are currently on the job hunt, you might want to consider doing an internship. As a fixed period of work experience, they can last up to 12 months – or more and can give you great insight into what the profession or the field you have chosen is like.

Have a look at the following list of employers offering internships and see if any of them interest you.

1. Accenture

The company offers a range of programmes for graduates who show the willingness to work for the organisation. You can choose from 11 different programmes depending on your chosen subject e.g. operations, human resource, information security, software engineering and consulting amongst others. It also offers different options to school leavers and university students. If you are interested, you can learn more about what it takes to ace the Accentures application process.

2. Adobe

What’s great about this company is that you can get an internship with Adobe and work for a couple of months abroad. You can choose to visit San Jose, San Francisco, New York, Asia or Europe and get experience in the field you are interested in including design, customer and employee experience, marketing, sales, finance, engineering amongst others.

3. Aflac

If you want to work for Aflac, you first have to examine the requirements you need to comply with. Depending on your field of study the company may ask for different qualifications and competencies. You get a 10 week paid summer internship, a mentor to work with you during your time at the company, and hands-on experience in your field of interest.

4. Allianz

Allianz offers internships all over the world, but there are a few requirements you need to comply with to be able to travel and work at the different locations available. What’s great about Allianz is that it accepts applications throughout the year and you can choose to go on a summer internship to familiarise yourself with the financial sector and work extensively on those skills you need to develop.

5. Amazon

Everybody wants to work for Amazon, but opportunities may be limited unless you apply for an internship with the company. While this is a demanding employer in terms of experience and skills, Amazon offers a range of opportunities to young people through specialised programmes. On the plus side, it pays its interns a decent salary.

6. American Airlines

With American Airlines, you can work as an intern in various departments such as finance and planning, industrial engineering, cargo and information technology services amongst others. A standard internship lasts about 8 to 12 weeks. You can learn more about the application process, here.

7. American Express

With American Express you can choose to work in the UK, US or India. If your chosen sector is finance, marketing, operations or technology you can apply for a position with the company and work as part of a dynamic and supportive team. There you can gain valuable experience, make connections and work on your skills.

8. Apple

Apple is a great employer that offers lots of opportunities to young interns and pays them a relatively high salary. Getting an internship with Apple may be difficult because of the competition, but it’s definitely worth a try. Aside from presenting a portfolio, you will need to show that you possess excellent communication skills, problem solving and creativity.

9. BCG

Becoming an intern with BCG can be fun and exciting. The internships usually last from two to three months, but this can vary from a few weeks to a year and may also include travelling to different locations, attending special events and social activities. If you want to train as a consultant, you can compete for a position if you have studied business, engineering, science, law and humanities, start as an intern and work your way up.

10. BlackBerry

BlackBerry accepts new graduates who show that they have a passion and creativity to work in the world of wireless communications. The company offers many opportunities to students and graduates who want to make a good start in their careers. An internship with Blackberry can help improve your employment prospects at large.

11. BP

With BP you can work in business, engineering, science, supply and trading as a new graduate. The company offers internships to help you start out as a new professional in your field but requires that you possess five skills that are considered essential. If you want to find out more information about the company, get to know the requirements you need to comply to join the programme.

12. Capital One

Capital One offers a range of programmes to choose from. If you are interested in business, audit, finance, IT, project management this company is the best place to start your career. When interning with Capital One, you will get to work in a fun and real-world working environment and get involved in projects that can help you build on the experience you need to succeed in your field.

13. CarMax

CarMax is another great choice to look into since it offers opportunities through two entry routes. If you want to intern with CarMax, you either apply for an internship through the college recruiting process or the trade school recruiting process. Your time with CarMax will equip you with the necessary skills to succeed in the field since it can help you explore your potential, improve your teamwork and customer service skills and allow you to gain more responsibility in your role.  

14. Channel 4

If you are interested in the world of news and want to pursue a career in media or journalism, you could apply for an internship with Channel 4. Working for this popular employer can be once in a lifetime experience and can help you gain a great insight in the field.  Current options for placement are open to students and may take the form of a graduate programme including an apprenticeship or a scholarship programme. Learn more about getting an internship with Channel 4 here.

15. Cisco

Cisco is the first step to starting a dynamic career in the field of engineering, IT, marketing, supply chain operations or sales. Depending on your subject, you may be asked to comply with different academic requirements which you need to take a look prior to applying for a position at the company. Most internships with Cisco lead to a full-time job, and it’s a proof that the organisation values each and every one of its employees.   

16. Deloitte

Deloitte can equip you with the experience you need to succeed in your career. As one of the most popular firms in the financial industry, you will be expected to learn a lot as an intern. So if you are interested in accounting, finance, tax, risk management, business development, management and consulting, you should include this company in your list of options.

17. Discovery Communications

Discovery Communications is ideal if you want to work in the media industry. As an intern you will get the opportunity to work closely with a supportive and creative team in a hands-on learning environment and take part in many networking activities and events. It should give you a great insight into the field and help you make some critical connections.

18. Ernst & Young

This company offers many options throughout the year and provides plenty of opportunities to those who want to become part of their team. You could choose to go on a summer internship, an industrial placement with Ernst & Young and get a position in assurance, consulting, tax or technology. Every year they offer different kinds of programmes. It’s worth checking out what is available.

19. ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil prepares students and graduates for the world of work through internships that take place at various locations during the summer period and throughout the year. Most of the positions this company offers is in human resource, engineering and research. Interning with ExxonMobil is a great choice if you are hoping to specialise further in your field and want to make a good start in your career.

20. Facebook

If you want to work for Facebook, an excellent way to make your entry is through an internship. Since Facebook is a big employer, there is a lot of competition from university graduates and students across the globe. An internship can give you the easy way in and allow you to work alongside world-class mentors in a fun and creative work environment.   

21. FactSet

The internship program with FactSet gives you the opportunity to work in an inclusive and positive environment that makes you feel like you are part of the team. You also get to enjoy all of the perks the company offers including admission to breakout luxury areas and plasmas TVs. If you want to pursue a career in engineering, you should consider this company as a possible employer.

22. Ford

Ford is another company that values the importance of internships and offers immense opportunities to network while taking part in various educational activities. If you think that you possess leadership skills, you are self-motivated and an effective communicator, you too can become part of the Ford team and then compete for a full-time position with the company at the end of the programme.

23. Four Seasons Hotels

Four Seasons Hotels is one of the most popular and successful employers in hotel management and hospitality and offers a range of employment opportunities. The internship program gives you the chance to witness what’s like to be working for such a high-profile company and get to learn from the best. To become an intern with Four Seasons Hotels, you need a high GPA and a can do attitude.

24. General Mills

With General Mills, you will get to work as part of a supportive team and gain a greater insight and experience in the field you are interested in. You can choose to work in business, sourcing, manufacturing or marketing and start networking with key people in the industry. The internship with General Mills lasts about 10 to 12 weeks during the summer period.

25. Goldman Sachs

If you want to work in finance for a company with high prestige, you can get an internship with Goldman Sachs. With this company, you have the option to become an intern at various locations though you will need to show that you are a suitable candidate who can fit in with the rest of the team. To get the position you will need a high GPA and a strong CV. 

26. Google

Just like Facebook and other big employers, Google accepts thousands of job applications from students and graduates, and this can make it difficult to stand out from other candidates. With Google, you have a range of options to choose from. So depending on your subject you can apply for global business, the user experience, technical, or product management.

27. Harrods

If you are interested in retail and sales, you could become part of the team at Harrods. An internship with Harrods gives you the chance to develop your skills, work on your portfolio and develop as a professional in the field. You can choose to join the school leaver programme, the graduate programme or apply for a work placement that lasts up to one year.

28. Hitachi Data Systems

You can apply for an internship with Hitachi Data Systems if you have studied system engineering, computer science, business and IT. This company offers a very attractive package to interns as it pays well, and it can offer you the chance to train in your chosen position while working as part of an excellent and supportive team.

29. Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt Hotels can give you all of the essential tools you need to kick start your career. Apart from building on your practical work experience, you get to undergo training that can help you identify your professional needs. This company can help you break into the hospitality industry through the Hyatt internship program or the Hyatt management training program.

30. IBM

IBM offers a variety of internship programmes that aim to provide you with the kind of experience and knowledge you need to succeed in your field. It offers a range of assignments in the business and technical departments and each helps to develop different skills and abilities.

31. Intel

If you want to work for Intel, you need to have studied engineering, science or business. You can apply for an internship with this company if you have a high GPA, and excellent communication, leadership and teamwork skills. The majority of students and graduates who complete an internship with Intel get a full-time position which is rather promising.

32. ITV

With ITV you get to train towards an NVQ qualification in creative and digital media, or business and administration. So even if you don’t have a degree you can still apply for an internship with ITV and work on those skills you need to build to succeed in your career. As an intern you will get paid a competitive salary, work with experienced people and develop your career prospects.

33. KPMG

KPMG offers the global internship program in auditing, advisory and tax preparation. An internship with KPMG will give you the opportunity to work with clients on real cases and then proceed to a full-time position once you finish. As one of the biggest accounting companies in the world, KPMG can give you a significant boost in your career and an internship with this big employer can make your CV more powerful.


34. LinkedIn

At LinkedIn, you will get to work on real projects, participate in fun events and activities and make connections with other professionals in the industry. As an intern at LinkedIn, you work alongside an assigned manager or mentor that will guide you through the whole process and give you consistent feedback and professional coaching.

35. L’Oréal

If you are interested in the beauty industry, you can apply for an internship with L’Oréal. Apart from working in sales, this company offers a range of positions in research, operations, finance, communication, digital and human resources. With L’Oréal you will get to work on real projects providing you with the opportunity to explore your career potential.

36. Marriot International

Interning with Marriot International can give you the tools you need to kick start your career in the hospitality sector. As one of the biggest companies in the field, it offers the Voyage program that accepts new graduates and teaches the importance of leadership, confidence and building on your professional skillset.

37. Mars Inc.

When you become an intern with Mars Inc., you will get personal coaching and work on projects relating to your area of studies. This could be business, finance, logistics, engineering, marketing, sales, human resources or communications. To get an internship with the company, you will need to be enthusiastic about it, prove that you have strong work ethics and that you are a team player.

38. Mashable

If you are interested in media, Mashable is a great choice for you as an employer. This company has rightfully become one of the biggest in terms of content and accepts hundreds of graduates who want to work with them. With Mashable, you can work in various positions such as product analyst or social media reporter amongst others. Getting an internship with Mashable can be difficult because of the competition, but it’s definitely worth it.  

39. Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic offers internships for a range of health and medical related subjects including nursing, and lab science, but it also provides opportunities in engineering, information technology, public affairs, and biomedical statistics and informatics amongst others. The company is very careful in selecting interns and wants every applicant to prepare for the interview accordingly.

40. Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz offers an internship programme that lasts up to six months and is based in Milton Keynes. This programme includes project-based work and provides you with the opportunity to work within a dynamic business environment. Completeing the programme opens up new and exciting pathways in your career equipping you with the knowledge you need to succeed.

41. Meridian Health

As an intern with the Meridian Health, you will need to complete a 10-week externship program that takes you from being a patient care associate to a registered nurse preceptor. In this post, you will have the opportunity to gain experience and learn how to follow the necessary rules and guidelines. This should help you familiarise yourself with the professional environment you are expected to work in after university.

42. Microsoft

Microsoft offers a range of internships through technical, business and MBA programs. But as you would expect, there is lots of competition to get a job with this employer, and you need to prepare for it adequately. First, you will need to make sure that you comply with the requirements to become an intern with Microsoft, create a strong CV and practice those interview skills.  

43. Nestlé

Nestlé offers internships in the fields of marketing, human resources, finance, sales, food science, engineering, supply chain and purchasing amongst others. The programme lasts about 10 weeks and upon completion you can progress to a full-time position. As an intern, you will get to shadow a professional in the job role you are expected to work in, and then you will get a supervisor to work alongside to teach you all you need to know. 

44. NetApp

NetApp is generous with students and graduates who want to get a real taste of what the world of work is like. If you want to work with NetApp, the company offers a three-month summer internship program that allows you to apply what you have learnt from university directly in your role. Here, you will learn more about the company and how it works, learn from experienced professionals and get to build a network of contacts.

45. Nordstrom

Nordstrom offers a variety of programmes in many disciplines such as retail, merchandise and planning, business administration and technology. To get an internship with Nordstrom, you have to show the employer that you are enthusiastic and willing to learn. Attitude is more important in retail rather qualifications and you if want the job, you have to show it. 

46. PricewaterhouseCoopers

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is one of the top financial firms in the world, and they are quite famous for the services they are offering including consulting, tax advisory, assurance and legal advice amongst others. Not only that, but it’s an employer who values the importance of internships and make the entry to employment easier for students and graduates in the sector. As an intern with PwC, you will job shadow a lot, get professional training and learn how the company works.

47. Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble believe in strong beginnings and help out university students through many types of programmes. If you are into marketing, advertising, business management, public relations, engineering, finance, accounting or law, you can become an intern with Procter & Gamble. Most employees at the company start off as interns and work their way up to a higher position.

48. Qualcomm

As one of the top tech firms in the world, Qualcomm offers many internship positions in software, hardware and systems engineering, finance and accounting amongst others. They last up to nine months and can give you the opportunity to work with industry experts. The application process is quite simple, and once you become an intern with the company you get to take part in many innovation competitions along with your colleagues.

49. Samsung

Samsung offers internships that pay well but also have other benefits. You are entitled to everything company employees get including health and life insurance, access to wellness programmes, paid vacations and holidays. You can apply for an internship with Samsung if you have a degree in engineering, IT, marketing, retail, computer science or business administration. Once hired, you need to ensure that you will make the most of it.

50. SAS

If your degree is in mathematics, statistics, computer science or in another related subject, there could be a place for you at the SAS Institute. Becoming an intern with SAS gives you the opportunity to work closely with statisticians and computer scientists so that you learn from professionals directly. This should give you an idea of what the profession you have chosen involves and build on relevant experience.

51. Sky News

Sky News offers short-term work experience programmes in technology, business and media that last approximately a week that can pay for your travel and expenses. The company offers immense opportunities to students and graduates who want to learn more about the industry and develop their professional skills. Interning with Sky News is an eye-opening experience that can count towards building the foundations for a successful career.  


TDIndustries offers a range of opportunities in building systems, construction, engineering, facilities maintenance and professional services. If you choose to intern for TDIndustries, you will get to work in a fun and friendly environment and participate in various events including partner events, cookout, and in various games and competitions.

53. Teach for America

If you are interested in teaching and want to make a real difference in the world, you could work for Teach for America. Interning with Teach for America involves travelling and spending some time abroad. This kind of experience can help you develop cultural awareness of the country you are visiting, improve your language skills and provide the best for the children who are in need of your help.

54. Tesco Head Office

As one of the largest retailers in the world, Tesco provides many opportunities for students and graduates alike who are about to embark their next stage in their careers. The company offers summer internship programmes that last about 10 weeks and provides training in the role you choose depending on your degree and qualifications. If you choose to intern with Tesco you can work in business, finance, marketing, technology, commercial operations or supply chain.

55. BBC

You can apply for an internship with the BBC to gain work experience in various sectors such as technology, production, journalism, media and business. With the BBC, you have the option to join a traineeship or complete two weeks of work experience in your field. There, you will get to learn how the BBC works and train towards the career you are passionate about.     

56. The Daily Mail

Becoming an intern with the Daily Mail is a great starting point in your career. If you are interested in journalism and media, training with the Daily Mail can give you all the essential skills you need to start out in your career. To stand out from the competition though, you will have to show that you have a vibrant personality and a go-to attitude.

57. The Telegraph

The Telegraph offers fully paid internships at varying locations. These programmes usually last up to three to nine months and upon completion you may proceed to a full-time or part-time position with the company. If you want to intern with the Telegraph, you can join the editorial graduate programme and get access to all of the benefits employees are entitled to.

58. Topshop

This top employer asks for specific skills from graduates and getting the role is extremely competitive. If you think you have the ability to multi-task, have excellent organisational skills,are detailed-oriented and have the willingness to learn, you can apply for an internship with Topshop. The company offers the NEWGEN scheme that can help you learn the basics and introduce you to the world of fashion.

59. Toyota

An internship with Toyota won’t only look good on your CV but it will also be beneficial to your entire career equipping you with the experience and the skills you need to succeed. Toyota is a big employer that provides plenty of opportunities to students whether they are studying towards a marketing, engineering or technology degree. Entry to the graduate scheme is only possible through the placement programme so if you want to work for Toyota you have to prepare for it while you are still in university.

60. US Department of Labor

The US Department of Labor offers two types of internships. There is the Recent Graduates Program for those who have graduated recently and the reinvigorated Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program for those who have an advanced degree. These two are the Pathways Programs that accept graduates from various fields and helps to improve career prospects towards a role in the Federal workforce.

61. Vogue Magazine

If you have ever dreamt of working with Vogue Magazine, you have the chance to do so through an internship. Becoming an intern with this company means that you might get the chance to meet celebrities, fashion icons and other key people in the fashion industry. While you are there, you are going to do various tasks depending on the needs of your team and work in advertising, editorial or corporate department.  

62. Volkswagen

Taking on duties as an intern at Volkswagen is intensive because you will get to work on various projects and be expected to deliver. Depending on the type of internship you choose, e.g. basic, voluntary, or mandatory, you will need to study the requirements the company needs you to comply with. This will depend on whether you are a student or graduate. Regardless of your choice you will get to work alongside a mentor that can guide you effectively.

63. WellStar

With WellStar, you get to work alongside top medical professionals and learn from the best. As an intern, you will get hands-on experience on how things work within a healthcare environment and be prepared to take on more responsibilities in your future roles. Duties vary depending on where you will be based e.g. design, development, delivery or evaluation.  

64. World Wide Technology

Choosing to intern for World Wide Technology can teach you all you need to know about the most high-end technologies and provide you with a proper introduction into your field of study. There are many departments you can work in including information technology, business development, marketing, finance, logistics, advanced technology, sales and supply chain amongst others.  

65. Yahoo!

Internships at Yahoo are offered in the areas of marketing, customer experience, media, software development and operations engineering. If you choose Yahoo as your first employer, you will become part of a creative and innovative team and work on various projects. To get chosen you will need to show that you are self-motivated, a fast learner and an independent worker.  

66. YouTube

If you want to be part of something big and you are an ambitious individual, perhaps you would be suited to work with YouTube. While it’s difficult to get in – because of the high volume of graduates applying for a job, demonstrating your interest in the company and your creativity may provide you with a good chance of employment. You can choose to work in the engineering, business and operations or the product and design department.

67. Zappos

Zappos is quite generous with college graduates and students offering a range of opportunities through summer internships. As the company states, these programmes aim to offer more than just the ‘real work experience’. If you think this could be the opportunity you are looking for, you can learn more about interning with Zappos from previous interns who worked there sharing their experiences on their official page.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from and any of these companies could be your next potential employer! Which company would you want to work for? Let us know in the comments section below…