How to Create the Perfect Travel Itinerary for a Boss


Creating a travel itinerary for your boss saves time for you and your boss; making it convenient to access the necessary travel information. A perfect itinerary includes all travel information with proper times indicated and each event described briefly with relevant contact information. The size of the itinerary depends on the length of the trip. Create all relevant documents on a computer as a handwritten document can lose information or miss-communicate if your handwriting is illegible.

Discuss Travel Plans

Discuss all travel plans with your boss, and get as much information as you can on the trip. Ask your boss to confirm dates, meetings, venues and timings as you take down the points. Discuss any preferences he may have during the trip. Additionally, confirm if your senior will be alone throughout the trip and arrange for colleagues or family members that may accompany him on the trip. Confirm all the information you get with the host hotel or travel agency and make corrections whenever necessary. Afterward, create a draft itinerary and give it to him for approval.

List Necessary Information     

Once you have the travel plans, start to list information he will need while on the trip. The list may include contact information for the host hotel and people he will meet, emergency numbers and a local contact that can help him during the trip. Additionally, include each meeting with additional details, for example, names of people he will meet, their titles and the agenda of the meeting. Include each day on a separate page and follow a specific format your boss can refer to easily.


Format your itinerary to follow a structure your supervisor can easily read and understand, including relevant information with the time for each activity indicated clearly. Include a short description for each activity highlighting important details in each meeting. Leave room for changes; your boss might change her mind or request you to change details. Create a format that can accommodate these changes. Clearly indicate the mode of transportation for each move during the trip with a specific picture or abbreviation for each mode. Additionally, include the location details of each venue and if possible, a map to help your boss move around.


Place the complete itinerary in a folder together with other travel documents your boss needs during the trip. Select a poly-index folder that is transparent, so all the information is visible at a glance. Additionally, look for a folder that has two sealable sides to keep the documents inside safe. This way your boss can also place receipts and other sensitive documents inside. Attach each day’s agenda on the daily schedules.

Use Applications

Use applications that can help you create a formal business itinerary you can easily update on the phone. You can also use the applications to synchronize flight and meeting details with calendars you can share with colleagues at the workplace. The application also allows you and your boss to exchange information and make changes to the itinerary at your convenience.

Make the most of these tips to create the perfect itinerary for your boss.




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