How to Get an Internship with Tesco Head Office


Tesco offers a good opportunity for interns to learn hands-on skills, considering that it is the third biggest retailer in the globe. However, the firm is keen on recruiting the best from those starting off their careers, and giving them great opportunities to progress. Just like other myriad positions available at Tesco, there is stiff competition for the company’s internship programs. No doubt, the recruitment for this program is designed in a manner that ensures only the best are picked. To get an internship with Tesco, an applicant should follow the steps outlined below.

1. Send an application

The first step in getting an internship is filling out the Tesco online application form available from the company’s website. Remember that this is the document that gives the company the first insight about you, so you must fill it out carefully. Answer all the questions from each section precisely, ensuring that you provide all the required information. Moreover, you must peruse through the application before submitting it to weed out any grammar or spelling errors. It is also advisable to save a copy of this application form to review it later at subsequent stages of the process. You should also upload a copy of your latest CV together with the application form.

2. Take the Tesco aptitude tests

After submitting your application and the firm is impressed by your credentials, you will get an invitation to take some psychometric tests. CEB’s SHL provides Tesco aptitude tests in England, while cut-e does the same in Ireland. Some of the tests that you may encounter include the verbal reasoning test, which mainly analyses how well an applicant comprehends, uses and processes verbal information. The inductive reasoning test usually aims at assessing the IQ of the applicant whereby they are given a sequence of patterns and shapes and tasked with finding the next suitable one from a list of options. It is important to remember that you will be competing with various applicants for the internship program, so getting high scores in the psychometric tests increases your chances of getting picked.

3. Select an appropriate programme

Tesco has various departments that can provide internship and industrial attachment opportunities for potential applicants. These include supply chain, marketing, finance, personnel, customer analysis, digital retailing and technology among others. It is important to apply for an internship that will help you in building your career and gain practical skills by working within your sector of specialization. If you are taking a major in supply and purchases management, you are better off getting an internship placement in this department within Tesco to help you in gaining valuable job experience. Furthermore, you stand higher chances of getting an internship in a department that suits your academic credentials.

4. Invitation for an interview

After undergoing all the steps, Tesco should invite successful applicants for an interview to ascertain that all the information provided is correct. The interview can be carried out over the phone or at the assessment centre. The main aim of this stage is to assess if you posses the skills listed on the application form. Upon passing this stage, you will be invited to start your internship with Tesco.

To sum up, the process for getting an internship with Tesco begins with applying online, taking the relevant aptitude test and choose the appropriate program that suits your interests.