How to Get Hired by Bain & Company

If you could get hired by one of America’s top employers, would you take that chance? Working for Bain & Company would provide you with an excellent opportunity to grow and develop as a professional while working for a company of excellence.

Bain & Company is headquartered in Boston and has an office in Atlanta, GA as well as over 45 global facilities. Working for this company will give you the opportunity to work in a positive environment where the leadership values teamwork, inspires innovation and motivates their teams toward success. This article will address how you can get hired by Bain & Company.

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1. Recruited Out of University

You can follow the traditional route of being recruited directly out of university. Remember that employment at Bain & Co is in high demand and you could be competing against thousands of applicants for one job. So, you need to be prepared and put your best foot forward during the application and recruitment process. Consider some of the following information from Management Consulted regarding the application process.

  • Screening Process – It is important to note that there is an initial screening process for job applicants. For example, if you’re applying to one of the larger Bain & Co offices, you may be up against 3000 applicants. The hiring managers will only interview 100 applicants during the first interview. Basically, you need to have a stellar resume that effectively showcases your exceptional skillset, experience and professionalism.
  • Point System – You also need to accumulate points during the hiring process. For example, the hiring managers utilize a point system for each applicant to quantify viability for employment at the company. In order to get an interview, you need to score high points in three areas: academics, work experience and extracurricular activities. Management is seeking individuals who are well-rounded and professional in all areas.
  • Review Board – When there are cases “on the fence”, the review board evaluates the individual case to ascertain whether or not the applicant should be brought in for an interview. However, there is no preparation for this aspect since the judging by the review board is entirely subjective.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit – If you do not outshine the other applicants in the three areas mentioned, you will have the opportunity to shine by demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit on your resume. Utilize your unique experience to stand out from the crowd.

2. Experienced Applicant Route

The second route for finding employment at Bain & Co is to apply as an experienced applicant. For these types of applicants, there are different considerations regarding who to bring in for an interview. If you are in this category, consider the following information from Management Consulted.

  • Economy – Due to the downturn in the economy, Bain & Co generally only considers applicants recruited directly out of university as undergrads or post-MBA applicants.
  • No Point System – The hiring managers do not utilize a point system for experienced applicants. Rather, your specific workplace experience, skills and achievements are taken into consideration. Not as much emphasis is placed on your academic history.
  • Recommendation – If you are able to secure a recommendation from an insider in the company, you will increase your chances of securing a job interview.

3. How to Apply Online

Whether you are an undergraduate, a graduate student or an experienced professional, you can visit the Bain Career Page to apply online. Bain & Co provides interview preparation through preparation videos and videos of three interviews in action. You can also check out the Bain Campus Recruiting Page to find out if Bain & Co is recruiting at your school or to find a campus recruiting event near you. The recruitment process is user-friendly and the information discussed in this article can help you prepare for it.

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If you want to get a job at Bain & Co, the process begins during your college years. Develop your skillset and work hard and diligently in your field. If you have been through the hiring process at Bain & Co, what advice would you offer other new applicants?