How to Make the Most Out of the Khan Academy


In 2006, Salman Khan founded the Khan Academy which is a popular free online learning website. This learning site offers courses in a wide variety of subjects. Recently, the US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan praised Khan’s website as an innovative and transformative solution for millions of students in the United States. There are several ways that people seeking further educational opportunities can utilize the Khan Academy, and this article will discuss those factors.

The Khan Academy has partnered with some major institutions like NASA, the California Academy of Sciences, MIT, and the Museum of Modern Art. The academy utilizes the following three learning methods: practice exercises, educational videos, and an individualized learning dashboard. The basic theory behind these three learning factors is that individuals are empowered to study and learn at an individualized pace, both in and out of the classroom setting. The academy began by “one man tutoring his cousin” to become an organization with 80 personnel. The mission statement is that the academy will continue to provide “a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” The Khan Academy team consists of innovative teachers, strategists, developers, designers, scientists, and content specialists.

1. Know Your Specific Game Plan

The process begins with knowing what your game plan is. For example, evaluate what type of educational opportunities you are seeking and in what subject. The academy offers educational opportunities in the following courses of study: math, science, economics and finance, arts and humanities, and computer technology. The online courses are offered for grades K-8, high school, and beyond. Whether you are a teacher, parent or individual seeking your own personal, educational enrichment, there is a course of study available for you through the Khan Academy. Ascertain what type of study course you are interested in, and then register online for an account.

2. Learn How to Use the Website

Once you have ascertained your educational game plan and registered online, you must learn how to use the website. Individuals and teachers are required to sign up through Facebook or Gmail. Parents utilizing the online website do not need to have a Facebook or Gmail account to register online. In addition to being a free website for users, there are no ads posted on the website or in the learning material. The academy operates on a non-profit basis and utilizes a community of volunteers and donors. The Khan Academy utilizes Zendesk to provide their Help Center support services. A procedural guide is offered for individual learners, teachers and coaches, parents, volunteers and donors, and translators. The help categories include bugs and troubleshooting, FAQs, accounts and passwords, discussing the Academy, and reporting problems.

3. Begin the Learning Process

After you have gained a clearer understanding of utilizing the website by reviewing the guide specific to your current situation, you should begin the learning process. Individuals should begin the educational process by completing introductory courses in your preferred course of study. You can log in to see the badges you’ve earned and to track your learning process. The academy also offers an app that is available for free on iPad, iPhone and Windows 8 devices. Teachers and coaches can assist students by creating their Khan Academy accounts through the Google Apps for Education. Teachers and coaches should refer to their specific teaching guide to ensure that they are making the most out of the educational process for their students. Parents should utilize the teaching guide specific to parents and homeschoolers in educating their children as they create a learning curriculum geared toward the most effective learning environment.

4. Utilize the Offered Resources

The final step in making the most out of the Khan Academy is to understand that there are a variety of resources available to everyone who utilizes the online website. The website educates millions of students across the globe each day and video lessons are translated into approximately 40 different languages. Additionally, there are many free tools available for teachers and parents. One of those vital resources is a personalized coaching situation where teachers and parents can become empowered to be the best teachers for their students and children. Through the resourceful teacher and parent dashboards, they can see areas where the children are struggling or if they have excelled in some courses. Additionally, individuals utilizing the website for personal educational opportunities can also work with coaches for an optimized learning environment.

The Khan Academy is a great resource which has been continually growing and striving to become the best educational opportunity for online learning. Have you utilized this online learning academy?




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