12 Embarrassing Conversations Overheard by Everyone

embarrassing conversations

Everyone has at least one embarrassing memory (but, more realistically, way more than one). It’s that one moment from your past that makes you actually physically shudder when thinking about it, the one thing that you actively try to forget. Just the mere thought of it is enough to put a flush in your cheeks. But unfortunately, while we may grow out of our awkward and dorky childhood and teenage phases, we can never completely stop feeling embarrassed. We’re human, after all, and these things happen. But there’s nothing worse than getting embarrassed because of a discussion you’re having, whether at the office or another public place. Read on to check out some conversations overheard by others that would embarrass you, and try not to cringe too hard when reading.

1. Your Miserable Dating Life

Depending on how lucky or unlucky you are, dating can be the best and the worst thing in the world. And it shouldn’t actually be all that embarrassing to discuss your bad dates because hey, we’ve all been there. Yet this is not something that you want your coworkers or strangers in a store or on the subway to overhear because it’s going to make you feel more than a little uncomfortable and insecure, especially if you detail all the rude stuff your most recent first date said to you. It’s also probably not the best idea for your boss to hear your dating woes or how much you want to get married.

2. Your Sex Life

Okay, so you’re close friends with a bunch of your coworkers, and you don’t mind telling them the details of your bedroom activities. They tell you the same, so it’s totally no big deal, right? Well, wrong, if everyone hears what you’re discussing. Get ready to blush when you realize that the guy from accounting knows way, way too much about you.

3. Whining to Your Mom

It’s probably not the best idea to complain to your mom on your iPhone at your desk about the mean stuff your boss says to you on a regular basis, or the fact that you were passed over for a promotion that you truly deserved. If you say stuff like you’re too good for this place, you wish they appreciated you more etc, get ready to feel the embarrassment. Complaining is never a good idea and whining on the phone is especially humiliating because you wind up saying things you didn’t mean to say because you were under the impression that you were having a private conversation.

4. Your Cramps

We girls unfortunately experience that time of the month, and sometimes we end up discussing it. It’s not fun and it’s not pretty but we can’t help talking about it. This is one conversation that you don’t want anyone else except your close friend to hear. And yet, if you’re talking about it in a weirdly public forum like your office breakroom and all your coworkers walk in, or you and your best friend are gabbing about it in the changeroom at your gym and some strangers overhear, it’s bound to make your cheeks go pretty red. The same goes for anything to do with bodily functions. We all have bodies, of course, but it’s not the best topic to discuss in public, and people don’t usually want to hear such personal and often gross stuff.

5. How Mean Your Boss Is

Your boss could be Meryl Streep’s character from The Devil Wears Prada, everyone could totally agree with you on that one, and yet this conversation will still be embarrassing for you. The humiliation factor will only rise if your boss overhears you (and you could very likely find yourself unemployed super soon).

6. Your Weight

Weight and body image are tricky, complicated and important subjects. We shouldn’t feel any sense of shame or humiliation when talking about the five pounds that we gained over the past month or the weight that we just can’t seem to lose, because we all gain weight from time to time and we’re all human. But it’s a sensitive subject and when you don’t feel good about yourself, mentioning that you’re bigger than you want to be is going to make you feel more than a little bit of humiliation when others overhear you talking about it.

7. Your Brazilian Wax

Three words: too much information.

8. How Broke you Are

Just like weight, money is another super sensitive subject. Telling your coworker that you have no money left in your account or that you’re in debt is not the best idea, since you want to project an image of confidence at the office, and it will only get worse if anyone else –oops- hears you guys talking.

It’s also pretty shame-inducing if you mention your salary and someone pipes in that they’re making way more than you and they actually hold a position below yours. Or they mention that a friend/spouse/relative has the same job as you at another company and is really raking in the big bucks. Cue super embarrassment.

9. Your Partying

We all party from time to time and like to have fun. But if you’re regularly drinking so much that you don’t remember what happened the night before when you wake up the next morning, or that you are experiencing major regular hangovers and are even blacking out, then that’s incredibly dangerous -not to mention embarrassing to discuss in an office or gym or other public setting. You don’t want to be talking about your table dancing or your drunk-dialing of your ex-boyfriend and have someone overhear that conversation. You’re not going to look very good.

10. Your Guilty Pop Culture Pleasures

We all are embarrassed to admit that we like certain television shows and movies, so this one depends on the setting. It could be a bonding experience if you’re at the gym and admit you’re obsessed with a certain reality show and a group of women nearby exclaim that they’re totally into it, too. But in a corporate environment like your office, it can really bring a blush to your cheeks if you say you love The Real Housewives or Big Brother.

11. Discussing a Coworker's Pregnancy

... And they’re not actually pregnant. Is there anything more embarrassing than assuming a woman is pregnant when she’s not? If you’re chatting about how exciting it is that so-and-so is with child and a coworker pipes in that she’s not actually carrying a baby, get ready to feel the embarrassment. To make matters worse, just imagine if the person in question happens to be passing by.

12. Other Forms of Office Gossip

If you’re talking about a fellow employee that you suspect is having an affair, someone who you believe is not measuring up when it comes to their work, or insulting someone in any way, then that’s not the greatest thing for others to hear you talking about. Not only will it be hurtful but it will make you look bad. And there’s nothing more embarrassing than realizing you’ve become who you never wanted to be: the office gossip. You don’t want to be known as the one who snoops around their coworkers’ juicy and entertaining personal lives and says mean things about their work performance. Gaining that title will surely make you feel ashamed.

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Have you ever had any of these blush-inducing conversations? These are just a few conversations that if overheard in a public setting will make you feel completely embarrassed. You just might feel like you’re back in school, and your worst and most humiliating memory might be replaced by a new one.