5 Jobs for 16 Year Olds

Summer is almost upon us which means one thing: school’s out. This basically translates to staying up super late, going out with friends every single day, toasting your body in the sun and doing everything that life was meant to be.

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Except it would actually be a good idea if you got a job for the summer, it can help you money-wise, I mean living la vida loca isn’t going to pay for itself right? Plus getting some work experience can assist you in making life decisions such as what you want to major in etc.

We don’t want to rain on your parade but the sooner you start investing in your future, the more rewards you’ll be able to reap later on in life so take a look at these jobs and let us know if you can picture yourself doing any of them this summer in the comment section below.

1. Camp Counselor

camp counsellor

This job is ideal for people who love spending time outdoors and if you’re a born leader. As a camp counsellor, you’ll be given the opportunity to mentor younger children as well as deal with problems that will put your problem-solving skills to work. You’ll be able to get many transferable skills from this job such as the ability to communicate, lead and resolve conflicts.

2. Golf Caddy

golf caddy

If you get along well with older people, then you might want to give this job a try as it will help you improve your networking skills that can help you later on in life.

Of course, to be a successful golf caddy you need to know a few things about the game and you also need to be able to appreciate it.

3. Internships


If you have figured things out already and you know exactly what you want to do with your life, then an internship might be the thing for you. An internship will help you acquire knowledge about the field you are interested in and it will also help you get a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the business.

Also, don’t forget that you can make some pretty valuable connections and include the experience on your resume which will help you get a leg over the competition.

4. Lifeguard


The ultimate summer job, being a lifeguard is great if you are interested in spending your summer outdoors. Of course, don’t be fooled into thinking that being a lifeguard is all about meeting babes and hanging out with your friends by the beach. It actually requires a fair share of responsibility. To be a lifeguard, you need to complete a course, but once you do you can add to your resume that you can work under pressure and that a fast-paced environment is where you are at your best.

5. Nanny


If your school is on holiday, then the younger kids are probably on holiday as well. But as parents usually have to work, they will require someone to babysit their little ones and this is where you come in. This job can teach you loads about responsibility but it’s also an excellent opportunity to take if you’re interested in pursuing a career in education later on.

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Taking on a job can prove that you are mature and that you’re ready to take on more responsibilities. It’s a great thing to add to your resume and it can help you learn a few things about yourself which can help guide your decisions later in life.  

Do you plan on having a summer job? Do you think it will help you later on in life or just your wallet? Let us know below...




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