5 Online Platforms That Can Boost Your Resume For Free


Now more than ever, the job market is a highly competitive place. Trying to find a job, without possessing the necessary skills and experience it’s challenging. If you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd you have to try alternative options and educate yourself through a variety of means currently available.

Fortunately, there is a great cost-efficient way that can help you develop your skills and boost your resume, and that is through online platforms. If you want to learn how these 5 online platforms can help you improve your chances of finding a job without having to spend a fortune keep on reading:

#1 Duolingo

Duolingo allows you to learn foreign languages for free anywhere, anytime! Choose from Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch and more; enabling you to become multilingual in no time. The platform is very interactive as it allows you to read, listen and speak other languages, and uses its feature of losing hearts when you answer incorrectly to facilitate learning. Also, it grades your progress and motivates you to stay on track every day by recording how many days in a row you spend to learn a language.

#2 Treehouse

Treehouse is the best way to learn freelance/business concepts and technology. With this platform you can learn more about web design, languages like HTML or Ruby and mobile development through coding Android apps with Java and iPhone apps with Swift & Objective-C.

Also, it is very interactive as it helps you to develop your skills step-by-step through videos and tests your knowledge with quizzes and code challenges. It even lets you earn badges as you progress to different tracks, which work as indicators of the skills that you have learned. These are visible to anyone including employers from big technology companies. Although, members with Basic and Pro accounts have to pay $25 and $49 respectively, Treehouse also offers you a free trial.

#3 Coursera

Coursera is an educational platform that connects students, professionals and lifelong learners everywhere with more than 600 free online courses on cooking, music, medicine, computer science, mathematics and many more. The courses are taught in 14 different languages including English, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish and offers you the opportunity to learn from top instructors representing many leading US and global universities. On the platform there is a variety of lectures to choose from and watch online as well as subtitles for all course speakers’ native language.

#4 Udemy

Udemy is the place to learn real world skills online and it is the world’s largest destination for online courses, training and tutorials. The majority of online courses are free and you can choose from web development, programming (java, python, php, ruby etc.) yoga, photography, marketing, design, cake decorating and much more.

The platform offers a variety of methods for skills development, developing including video and audio lectures, presentation and articles.  Also, it allows you to save courses for offline viewing so that you can watch them on your mobile device whenever you are. For many users, the Udemy experience was life changing as it helped them secure a job! Check out what people are saying about Udemy here.

#5 Lumosity

Lumosity is an online platform that uses games to train your memory and attention. Its unique training program was designed by neuroscientists to challenge your brain and improve your problem solving ability. Lumosity games are even used in research and have been incorporated into previous studies from top scientists worldwide.  It offers a personal trainer just for you, brain tests and over 40 scientific games that can help you develop a wide variety of cognitive skills in the areas you are interested in.  

Choose the online platforms that meet your needs and start developing your skills to build a strong resume. Learn new languages with Duolingo, become familiar with key concepts in business and web design with Treehouse, find the right course with Coursera and Udemy, and lastly train your memory and attention with Lumosity and increase your chances of landing your dream job!

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