The World’s Dirtiest Jobs

Whether it’s cleaning a smelly animal cage or a public toilet, dealing with human waste, food waste, chemicals, body fluids or blood and guts, many dirty jobs are essential and somebody’s got to do them. Inspired by an infographic from, I illustrate below some of the world’s stomach-turning jobs that will have you run for the shower as soon as you get home:

#1 Geriatric nursing

This job involves providing care to elderly patients, helping them protect their health and deal with changes in their mental and physical abilities. Since many of the patients are of old age, geriatric nurses must become accustomed to dealing with death.

Average salary in the US: $60,783

#2 Lift pump remover

When we flush the toilet, the waste goes to a treatment plant for processing. The first stop is the lift pump chamber, which is almost five stories high. However, when the pump breaks, the chamber fills with human waste. This is the time when a worker needs to go into the chamber, dressed in a full-body suit and breathing mask and swim through the sea of excrement  to find a cable to manually filter the chamber.

Average salary in the US: $37,000

#3 Crime scene cleaner

These professionals are tasked with the job of cleaning up and decontaminating crime scenes ranging from suicides, homicides or accidental death and other traumas. These people typically encounter blood and other bodily fluids, bone fragments, and other body parts. This job might give you lot’s of nightmares!

Average salary in the US: $39,000

#4 Slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse employees not only slaughter livestock, they also disembowel the animal to prepare them for sale.

Average salary in the US: $14,000

#5 Garbage collector

Garbage collectors serve an important role in society by collecting waste, green waste, compost, recyclable objects and materials from residences or business. They load trash bags into trucks that compress the refuse bags, allowing space for more garbage.

Average salary in the US: $43,000

#6 Roadkill collector

With so many freeways in the US, inevitably, many animals wandering onto the road are injured or killed, and someone’s got to locate and remove their bodies. This is the job of the roadkill collector or remover.

Average salary in the US: 31,200

#7 Zookeeper

Being a zookeeper might seem an enticing job, but cleaning up after zoo animals, their pens, and cages as well as tolerating their stink is the negative side of this profession.

Average salary in the US: $29,585

#8 Proctologist

Image source: David Madeira

There’s no way to put this delicately; a proctologist specialises in the rectum, anus, and colon. These professionals examine the patients for signs of pain, discomfort, swelling and other anomalies associated with the colon, rectum, and anus.    

Average salary in the US: $230,000

#9 Emergency medical technician

These are health care providers tasked with the job of responding quickly to emergency situations, accident scenes, violent crimes and stabilize patients for transport to the hospital.

Average salary in the US: 30,358

These are some of the world’s dirtiest jobs. Which ones do you think you couldn’t do in your wildest nightmares? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Infographic: They are dirty jobs, but somebody's got to do them