Top 10 Embarrassing At-Work Stories

Business people laughing Shutterstock

Everyone’s done something out of character or stupid at some point in the workplace. Whether it’s walking into a glass door or slipping in the kitchen, let’s take a look at some of the other stupid mistakes colleagues could have avoided!

1. Work vomit!

Most colleagues have had a few too many at the Christmas party. One colleague in particular fully vomited all over the bosses lap. Needless to say she was in a taxi home and no longer in line for the promotion!

2. Wrong email!

A witty recruitment consultant accidently sent the congratulations email with the attached job offer, to the wrong applicant.

3. Dress code?

Another bright star was so late for his presentation he turned up with his shirt on the wrong way round.

4. Just leave it!

While pitching a contract worth over a billion dollars to a group of 5 VIP clients, one individual sneezed and accidently farted - If he had left it alone, would have been fine. But he actually apologized.

5. Check your contacts!

One worker sent a very private email intended for her boyfriend, declaring her undying love for him, including evening plans of what she will do to him - but it didn’t go to the boyfriend, only to the director’s pre-populated similar email address.

6. Check your spelling!

After making a mistake at work one colleague decided to write a letter of acknowledgment to his co-workers. When right clicking the spell checker and without confirming the new word... he sent out a group email apologising for his recent “incontinence” at work, and will remember to be more open with colleagues if it happens again, and not try to hide it.

7. Is anybody home?

A witty and delightful employee locked herself in the office, after everyone had gone home. She also admitted to snorting when laughing.

8. Being unique!

One imaginative worker saw people holding their polystyrene cups under the coffee machine spout for faster waiting times. When trying it for the first time she placed the cup resting on the metal surrounding the pot, waiting for it to boil. Without knowing it was scolding hot. The cup melted into the machine. No one ever knew it was her and you can still see melted pieces stuck to the sides.

9. The little things make the difference!

One guest speaker giving a presentation to 300+ clients forgot to turn off his microphone while going to the toilet. He wasn’t asked to come back.

10. Think before you speak!

When meeting her boss for the first day, one special new recruit complimented the manager on her fashionable in-season baggy dress, and asked how long the baby was due… She wasn’t pregnant, or impressed, as were largest corporate clients, partners and director standing next to her.