Top 5 Most Influential People from the Dominican Republic

dominican republic istock

The Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean Islands and shares a landmass with the Country of Haiti and is also the first European settlement in the Americas. It has the ninth largest economy in Latin America and probably the only Latin Country that has baseball and not soccer as their national sport. NO GOAAAAAAL!!! Here are some of the 5 most influential Dominicans.

1. Zoe Saldana

Born of a Dominican father and a Puerto Rican mother, Saldana spent the majority of her childhood in the Dominican Republic. Upon returning to the United States at age 17 she performed with the theatrical troupe Faces that got her recruited by a talent agency. She made every nerd’s head explode with her hot embodiment of Neytiri in Avatar, Uhura in Star Trek and Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy. Currently those same exact headless nerds are looking forward to Avatar 3 through 4 and Star Trek 3.

2. Dania Ramirez

Another nerd fantasy inducer, Dani Ramirez is an actress that was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. At six months old her parents were forced to leave her with her grandmother and migrate to New York. She joined her parents when she was finally 10 years old. While in New York she studied acting and decided to move to L.A. to help her career. That is exactly what happened too, as she was discovered by a modeling agent and cast into a soda commercial. She received her career launcher role on Entourage shortly after.

3. Sammy Sosa

The world famous baseball player that became synonymous with the popular Chicago team, The Cubs. Sosa’s life, although colorful, wasn’t easy. At the young age of 7 he was supporting his entire family because of his father’s death. In 1986 Sosa’s foray into baseball was playing for a minor league team. He was such a hard hitter, though, he was on a one-way trip to the Big Leagues. At the height of his career, around 1992, he was considered the best hitter in the league.

4. Oscar de la Renta

The famous haute couture fashion icon also hails from the small, yet beautiful Caribbean Island. Initially intending to become an abstract artist, he studied painting at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid but became enticed by the aesthetics of fashion design. Being a very talented illustrator he received an apprentice that then gave him the opportunity to design for the fashion giant Elizabeth Arden. Finally de la Renta has enjoyed a decade spanning career characterized by his trademark elegant femininity.

5. Manny Ramirez

Another big hitting Dominican, Ramirez went down in the annuals of baseball when he helped the Red Sox end the 86 year of their World Series losing streak. Almost like foreshadowing in a film, Ramirez grew up a short distance from the Yankee Stadium in New York. Throughout his early life he showed great ability for the game of baseball and after playing for the Burlington Indians he was drafted to the Cleveland Indians in 1991.  After a few tumulus running with the Baseball League officials for the use of enhancing drugs, Ramirez retired from the game.


Are there any other influential Dominicans that I might have missed out? Then please add them to our list in the comment section below!