5 Things Employers Look for in Star Employees

Job hunting has never been more stressful, more hostile than before. Everyone’s out for themselves. And with good reason, too: an average 118 people apply for the same job, and only about 20% of which, or 23.6 people, actually get invited to a job interview. And of those 23.6 people, only one gets the job that’s been advertised.

That one person has to be the best of the best, the crème de la crème. But how do employers come to the decision of who best fits the bill? What exactly do they look for in star employees?


1. Leadership Skills

The most wanted skill employers look for in today’s new recruits is the ability to lead. In fact, 77.8% of employers will prioritize hiring job seekers who can display leadership skills. If you really want the job on offer, providing numerous examples of when you spearheaded a project or taken the initiative in your team will most certainly bag you the job on offer.

2. The Ability to Work in a Team

Lone wolves are never welcome in any workplace setting and, therefore, 77.8% of employers need to know that you’re a great team player. You should be able to work with others as fluidly and effectively as possible. This means sharing the credit where is due and looking out for the team as a whole rather just yourself.

3. Communication Skills

Being able to communicate effectively in the workplace is definitely a prized trait of a star employee. And while verbal communication skills are highly important at 67%, written communication skills seem to be preferred by 73.4% of employers. According to the University of Kent, half of all résumés that recruitment consultants receive contain spelling and grammatical errors, which are, naturally, thrown into the “No” pile – especially those belonging to applicants that get the company’s name wrong in their cover letter.

4. Problem-Solving Skills

Applicants that can make decisions and solve problems are favored by 70.9% of employers as it demonstrates their ability to think on their feet, and how effectively they put their creativity to use. Providing examples of how you came up with a solution to a particular problem in a project that was assigned to you and how you carried out the chosen course of action will show the employer that you never give up when things go south and that you are able to see when there could be a better way to getting something done, especially if you can save the company both time and money.

5. A Strong Work Ethic

Someone who is determined and dedicated to getting the job done right the first time round is one of the most ideal job applicants. In fact, 70.4% of employers favor hiring job seekers with a strong work ethic. You will need to show that you are reliable, dependable, and are generally able to see the bigger picture.

Are you an employer? What do you look for in employees? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!