Top 10 Hard to Fill Jobs

In the wake of the economic meltdown, employers are now finding certain jobs almost impossible to fill. According to Manpowergroup’s 2015 Talent Shortage Survey in 2015, there is a seven-year high talent shortage with the global average being 38%. Now these numbers and averages might seem like mumbo-jumbo to the numerically incompetent amongst us, but in layman terms there are certain jobs which are extremely difficult to find skilled employees to fill. Or to look at it another way, the 10 professions in the list below are practically always hiring. Also, if you are desperate for a job and love sushi, perfect because Japan has the highest talent shortage in the world at a whopping 83%.

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1. Skilled Tradespeople


Topping the list at number one is the skilled tradesperson. That includes labour workers with specific skills such as welders, CNC operators, electricians and carpenters. Due to the amount of people that are pursuing higher education in lieu of skilled trades training (due to the labour involved in it), the industry can’t find enough employees to fill the positions of those leaving.

2. Sales Representative


Who wouldn’t want to work in a highly competitive, cut-throat industry that has higher burn-out rates than jet fighter pilots? No one would and that’s exactly why Sales Reps are in high demand.

3. Engineer

Engineering is an extremely challenging job, with training that is, even more, challenging (it’s actually considered one of the subjects with the highest drop-out rates). It’s cognitively strenuous, involves working long hours and comes with boat-loads of responsibility.

4. Technicians

Again people investing in technical skill training are on the decline. Most people are opting for professions that involve less labor and more compensation. Well, this talent vacuum might actually redefine the paradigm of lowly compensated technicians.

5. Drivers

Yes, something that almost everyone does daily is in high demand…ok to be fair it’s actually semi-truck drivers, heavy machinery drivers and long-haul delivery drivers.

6. Management/Executives

woman executive

This seems a bit iffy because honestly everyone I know has a boss, if there was a true shortage, you’d think at least one or two of my friends and acquaintances would be boss-less.

7. Accounting and Finance Staff


This is crazy, who wouldn’t want to stare at a screen of numbers day in day out?

8. Personal Assistants/Secretaries/Office Staff

christina hendricks and peggy mad men

Just look at the world around us, is it far-fetched to imagine that there is a complete and utter lack of people with highly developed organizational skills? I didn’t think so, moving on.

9. IT Staff

Even though it’s probably the most dogged on profession in the world (yes, it’s always the IT guys fault, even if you did spill 64 liquid ounces of what suspiciously smells like rum and coke on it). Actually, that’s probably the reason…everyone makes fun of IT people…look what you did, imaginary mocker of Information Technology…you created a talent vacuum you bastards.

10. Production/Machine Operators

Manufacturing is loud, dangerous and technical; these inherent challenges are probably the reason people avoid these jobs.

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Are there any other jobs you think are experiencing a talent shortage? Let us know in the comment section below.