Top 5 Recession Proof Start up Businesses

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1. #1 Candy/ Sweets
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During a difficult time, what do the majority of us turn to for a small bit of comfort? That’s right, Chocolate or candy. They are an inexpensive way of relieving our stress and anxiety. In fact, some of our favourite sweet treats were invented during a financially difficult period, including Snickers and Mars Bars.

During a recession people begin to panic about how they are going to make a living, especially those who are employed but have little job security. We all suddenly begin to think of different ways we can make money fast. How do we do that? Well, one clever way is to start a business. However, you must be smart and make sure that you choose a business that won’t cost too much money to start up, that will make a profit, and will be successful in the future. Does that sound difficult? Fear not. Read on to discover the top 5 recession proof businesses that even you could do.




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