How Frequently Should You Check Your LinkedIn Profile?

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LinkedIn’s probably the best way to find a job and, for that reason alone, you should check your profile regularly. But the question is how regularly?

If you don’t dedicate a lot of time or effort to your LinkedIn profile, how do you expect to gain more than 500 followers? Even though numbers don’t really count (it’s actually the type of connections that matter), it’s always useful to have a large professional network. And that’s because, whatever happens, you know you have people you can count on when you suddenly find yourself out of a job or in urgent need of advice from someone in your field.

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As a modern job seeker, LinkedIn helps you go after the opportunities that present themselves to you, but failing to constantly check in on your profile could result in missing out on your only chance of landing your dream job. Also, considering that 80 percent of jobs aren’t advertised, you’re expected to look for different ways to tap into the hidden job market. And what better way to do that than with LinkedIn?

With LinkedIn, you have more to gain than to lose as a job seeker. Lori Ruff, a communications and online presence strategist, agrees: it’s all about staying relevant to your audience, maintaining the integrity of how you describe yourself, and staying ahead of the competition.

So, How Often Should You Check Your Profile?

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For the majority of US professionals, checking their LinkedIn profile has become a morning routine, similar to checking their emails. In fact, a 2012 TrakPointe poll found that a staggering 74 percent of respondents checked their profile on a daily basis, 17 percent did so two to three times a week, and 7 percent on a weekly basis. The numbers show that professionals – mostly men over 45 and in senior positions – have realised how valuable LinkedIn can be for their careers and for connecting with other professionals.

According to Kitty Boitnott from Careerealism, you should aim to check your profile daily and, more specifically, at least three times a day: once in the morning between 8 and 9, again at midday around lunchtime, and then in the afternoon between 4 and 5:30. These timeframes are especially ideal as that’s when you’re most likely to see the most updates in your feed, new posts in your group discussions, and job postings.

But just like any other social media platform, posting content regularly is important if you want to be consistent and memorable to other professionals and even potential employers. The only difference with LinkedIn is that your posts aren’t supposed to inform your connections what you’re up to or what you’re eating; they should instead be used to talk about your professional accomplishments and progress.

In terms of the kind of content you should be posting content, former LinkedIn Career Expert Nicole Williams suggests: “Every few days, put something in your status to keep it fresh, and show you’re active and engaged – no one will know what you’ve done if you’re not showing it off.” At the end of the day, LinkedIn is all about personal branding, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ‘get it all out there’. So, say what you want to say, talk about the projects you’re working on, share an article you wrote, and do it often so that you keep your network informed about what you’re up to.

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Remember: if you’re on LinkedIn, you need to become a more active user. It’s all for your own benefit, after all. How often do you check your LinkedIn profile? Let me know in the comments section below!