7 Reasons Why Humor is Key to Success at Work

When we search for a romantic partner to share our lives with, we often say that we want the other person to have a sense of humor. But this quality isn’t only important for potential spouses. It’s a significant component of our work lives, too. Just think how much better you feel and how much of a difference it makes in your day when you joke around with a coworker when you both arrive at your desks at 9 a.m. Read on to find out why humor is key to how successful you are.

1. It Makes You More Creative

Humor is a big and arguably the most important part of the brainstorming process. In order to have a productive meeting, you have to make it clear and understood that there are no such things as stupid ideas, and you have to welcome every contribution. Humor is a good way to create a safe, friendly, warm and welcoming office environment that will make everyone feel comfortable enough to speak their minds and offer up ideas and suggestions. When you’re laughing, you’re automatically in more of a creative frame of mind than if you were super serious because you’re freeing up your mind and becoming more open. When employees are laughing and having fun, they’re more likely to become invested in what they’re doing. And for a successful brainstorming session, you need employees to feel involved and have a stake in what you’re doing. If they’re not laughing, they don’t care, and their attention can wane. Goodbye, productivity.

2. It Keeps You Strong

There’s a reason why we laugh when we should be crying. Sometimes it’s a precursor to the sobbing that will eventually result, but most of the time it’s because being able to see the humor in any situation makes us stronger. If you can laugh, you can get through anything. So when you’re unfairly let go and the worst employee at the company is promoted at the same time, you can shrug it off, laugh, and make a joke. You know the situation is truly ridiculous and that you’ll be okay. And before you know it, you’ll land another position that’s even better. A sense of humor can help you get through a six-month long string of unemployment, especially if you’re a Type A personality who has always worked several jobs at once. You’ll see that the universe is always smiling and joking and that sometimes things just happen, no matter how hard we plan.

3. It Keeps You Calm During a Crisis

Lots of stuff happen at the office on a day to day basis, from tiny issues to larger problems to full-blown crises, and if you can laugh, keep your sense of humor and stay calm under pressure, you will be an extremely valuable employee. While everyone else is screaming and freaking out, you’ll be one step ahead and already in the process of solving whatever issue has come up.

4. It Puts Others at Ease

Happy at work

If you can make people feel comfortable, you will be an incredible success at the office. It’s almost a form of friendly emotional manipulation because if you can make someone laugh, they’ll be much more willing to listen to your ideas and to offer you help if that’s what you’re after. It’s always a good idea to sharpen your people skills, so making your coworkers and clients and potential clients laugh, will make you more likeable and endearing, which means people will be more likely to talk to you, send you invitations, and otherwise help you further your career. It’s a win-win situation.

5. It Allows You to Have More Fun

It’s a simple fact that if we like what we do every day, we will be happier, and have more fun at our jobs. Everyone wants that, don’t they? If you’re frowning and worrying and full of anxiety every day at your desk, you’re going to be miserable and you could end up hating your job. You’re going to associate work with being unhappy and will start dreading coming into the office on Monday morning. We need to mix work and fun since many of us work so many long hours these days. So never stop laughing and you’ll experience joy for the most of your working days.

6. It Keeps You Healthy

Healthy lifestyle

Healthier people are better employees for a number of reasons. For starters, they take less sick days since they come down with a nasty flu or the common cold, much less frequently than less health-conscious employees. Having a sense of humor keeps you healthy in terms of your physical, mental and emotional health. You may think having a giggle a few times a day doesn’t do much for you, but it actually keeps your immune system strong and functioning properly. It also boosts your mood thanks to those endorphins which also get released during a sweaty workout, and keeps the crazy stress far away. Sounds pretty good. Stress is a productivity killer and can spell the end of your career if you have to take time off thanks to a stress-induced illness, so be glad that you can crack jokes all day long. Your career thanks you.

7. It Helps You and Your Coworkers Bond

There’s a certain kind of bond that you feel when you’re sitting in the audience of a stand-up comic or are in a crowded movie theatre watching a romantic comedy. The humor fosters that bond and everyone laughs at the same thing, which brings you closer. That’s definitely a good thing when it comes to your relationships with the people who sit near you at work. Let’s be honest: it absolutely sucks to have to work late. We’re all thinking it, so we might as well come clean and admit it. We like to leave work around 5 p.m. so we can enjoy a relaxing evening of TV and take-out, or meet some friends for happy hour. But that’s not always possible and sometimes we have to work even until midnight, whether we’re coordinating our office’s move across the city or logging some extra hours in the hopes of impressing our boss at next week’s performance review. So, what would you rather do, scowl at your desk and bark at anyone who dares speak to you – or laugh with the coworkers who are stuck staying late, too? You might not even mind having to put in the extra time, even if it ends up lasting for several days or even weeks, if you know that you have people to talk to and joke with and giggle with. It will make the time pass, give you a sense of community, and bond you.

Do you believe that having a good laugh does nothing for your career? That’s simply just not the case. There are many reasons why your sense of humor is a key factor when it comes to how successful you are at work. And your coworkers will love how much fun you’re having at the office, which will in turn allow them to enjoy themselves more, too. Before you know it, your entire company is laughing and making the office environment a friendlier, more interesting place to work, and that definitely helps everyone.