How to Get an Internship with FactSet

For those college students who want to work for an innovative company that is focused on finding creative solutions to issues in a fast-paced environment, FactSetcould be the best fit for your career. The company has been ranked as one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”.

Interns can expect to work for a company that values exceptional services and that desire for excellence fuels all aspects of their business and client development. The management at FactSet infuses the internship program with the same type of innovative values that spark creative ideas and growth in the company.

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1. Engineering Internship at FactSet

The internship program at FactSet is for engineer positions. These interns have an opportunity to work with the full-time engineers currently working at FactSet. If you are interested in interning at FactSet, consider some of the following factors.

  • Development – Interns have the perfect opportunity to work alongside the engineers on projects where new technologies are invented, developed and produced for consumers.
  • Innovation – Interns are encouraged to utilize various brainstorming activities to work with managers to brainstorm creative solutions to engineering issues in the workplace.
  • Teamwork – Interns are encouraged to cultivate their teamwork and networking skills as they work with other interns and managers to complete various projects.

The managers at FactSet have created an effective internship program where interns are taught and learn in a positive working environment. Interns are encouraged to work on projects that specifically interest them, while they have the chance to gain knowledge in the field and build positive professional relationships.

2. Benefits of the Internship Program

When you decide to complete an internship program, it is important that you completely understand the basic benefits that you’ll receive as an intern. Consider some of the FactSet Internship program benefits.

  • Positive Atmosphere – Interns have the opportunity to socialize with other interns and full-time employees in a variety of events such as: casino night, lunch parties and summer picnics.
  • Workplace Benefits – Interns are also permitted to receive the same workplace benefits that full-time employees receive such as: free working lunch in the office, all-day sodas, juices and snacks, as well as admission to breakout areas with sofas and plasma TV’s.

3. Requirements for Participation

In addition to understanding the benefits of the program, you should carefully consider the following requirements for participation in an internship.

  • Applicants need to be currently enrolled as a junior in an undergraduate program at an accredited college or university.
  • A strong knowledge of computer programming and communication skills is required.
  • Candidates who have specific knowledge and experience in the following will receive special consideration: C++, Java, Unix, Perl, .NET, GUI environments and other database technologies.

4. How to Apply for an Internship

If you are considering applying for an internship, FactSet has various offices worldwide in Europe, India, Philippines and Asia, as well as the main office in Chicago. Internships are completed in the global offices. You can complete the application process by visiting the FactSet HR Dept. and filling out an online application.

Another option is to check the campus recruiting schedule to ascertain when the FactSet recruiters will be visiting your campus or one near your location. FactSet has been recruiting directly from universities for many years. The recruiters hold mock interview sessions and provide students with job fair tips to assist in your career planning.

The internship application process for the FactSet program is a user-friendly process. Have you interned at FactSet before? Please feel free to share helpful information for the new applicants.