How to Get an Internship with World Wide Technology


If trying to reach your potential is one of the most important considerations when looking for an internship to complete, the program at World Wide Technology is one you should consider. The main goal of the management at WWT is to help interns and employees reach their potential by helping the company succeed. If you decide to intern at World Wide Technology, you will be working in an innovative company that produces cutting-edge technologies. This article will address how to get an internship at this technology company.

1. Fitting in at World Wide Technology

When you’re considering where to intern, you should also ascertain whether or not you will fit in with the company’s mission, service pledge and workplace environment. At World Wide Technology, their vision is to provide “revolutionary” technology products for their supply chain and global customers. Their mission is to “create a profitable growth company that is also a great place to work.” As an intern, consider the following factors that encompass their mission.

  • Trust – Character and competency of products, management, employees and interns.
  • Humility – All parties should remain grounded and remember their beginnings at work.
  • Change – Diversity of people and thought must be embraced and continually accepted.

Additionally, as an intern, you should consider the Core Values of WWT to ascertain whether or not you can embrace those factors as well. If you cannot embrace these core values, then interning at this company may not be the right fit for you.

  • Passion – A strong drive to succeed at work and maintain a high ethical standard.
  • Attitude – Maintain a positive attitude and be open-minded to people and change.
  • Team – Being a team player is important for proactively sharing ideas for success.
  • Honesty – Behaving in an honest manner and maintaining your integrity is vital for fitting in.

If you can acclimate yourself to this type of workplace environment while maintaining the company mission and values, then interning at WWT may be the right fit for you.

2. What an Intern Can Expect

Interns can expect to work in an environment that is positive, innovative, and also offers a wide variety of opportunities for personal and professional growth. If you want to grow and develop your career, you should consider completing an internship at World Wide Technologies. Interns can work in the following departments at the company: IT, Engineering, Software Development, Supply Chain, and Project Management.

Interns will be paid for their work and receive excellent training opportunities during the course of their internship. The intern managers work with each individual intern in order to provide the best type of learning experience for the student. Interns have the opportunity to set their own schedule in regards to their working hours. You can expect a challenging and fast-paced workplace environment as you will be given an excellent opportunity to learn and grow.

3. Requirements & How to Apply for an Internship

Interns are required to be current or recent graduates of an accredited college or university. Additionally, they need to have an above-average GPA and be able to work as a team player. Interns need to be able to accept constructive criticism and be prepared to grow and develop as an individual while working as an intern.

World Wide Technology does not currently have any more spots available for their summer internship program. You can search for openings at their career link. Applicants should apply online and submit their resume for consideration for future openings in the next internship program term.

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Applying for an internship at World Wide Technology is a simple process and their website career link is user-friendly. If you have interned at WWT, please feel free to share your workplace experiences.