Top 10 Flowers You Can Keep at the Office

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Since we spend so much of our days sitting at our desks, it makes sense that we would want to create a beautiful office environment. And what’s even more conducive to productivity than a beautiful, clean desk? Some calming, peaceful flowers. It turns out that having flowers around is actually good for your health: you will feel less depressed and enjoy your life much more if you have flowers. If that’s not enough good news for flower lovers, Texas A&M University discovered that if employees keep flowers, they will be able to perform more creatively. Read on to find out the top ten flowers that you can keep at work.

1. Magnolia Flower

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Always have a runny nose at the office? Forever sneezing and sniffling and generally miserable? The magnolia flower might be the answer because it does wonders for congestion. So if this describes you, then you’ve found the perfect flower for your desk. In order to keep this flower inside, the easiest thing to do is put it in some sort of wooden box or container. This is typically done when the weather is not ideal for the flower to grow in the great outdoors, so it’s a good choice to grow this flower in an office environment. These are Southern flowers so you can add some Southern flair to your otherwise dreary cubicle, which will be a welcome change. And as a bonus, this flower is pretty and white and calming.

2. Sunflowers


What is more sunshine-inducing than a sunflower? The name alone says it all. As long as you have a big enough container to put it in, you can simply put the sunflower next to your desk and grow it inside. It’ll be an amazing topic of conversation for the entire office as you see how tall it can grow, and by extension it will liven up the entire office, which will definitely be appreciated by each and every single employee. The only thing is you need to do is make sure it’s placed next to a window, so this is only a good office choice if your desk is close to a window. The sunflower is quite the interesting historical flower: it has origins in North America, but it was also grown in Russia. The sunflower would look awesome in an open-concept office environment or an artistic loft with high ceilings. It’s a good option if your office is more informal and casual and fun.

3. Orchids


The full name of this beautiful and elegant white flower is Phalaenopsis Orchid. That may be quite the mouthful but this is one flower that is typically kept inside, so it’s a great choice for your office. This is mainly because it doesn’t require crazy amounts of sunlight the way that other flowers and plants do. It’s actually possible to burn the orchid if you put it directly in front of the sun so be careful. In a typical office, however, that shouldn’t be a problem, since not every since cubicle has a window.

4. Peace Lilly

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If you’re going for a peaceful look, the name of this flower says it all. It’s considered a houseplant. The reason why this kind of flower does so well inside is the temperature that it grows best at is typically a usual indoor temperature: 65°F to 80°F. You will have a dead peace lilly if it touches the kind of freezing temperatures that are typical of winter, so that’s something to watch out for. It’s an amazing choice for an office flower because it can be harmful to some animals and pets, and those are not usually found in office environments.

5. Daisy


A daisy is such a cute, innocent flower, and would really liven up any boring old desk. The most common type is the Gerbera daisy and it can be orange, red or yellow, so talk about a burst of color for your office. They can live for 3 years so if you’re pretty into your job and loyal to your company, this is the flower for you (although, of course, you can always bring it with you if you change jobs).

6. Roses

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Roses are red, violets are blue. This typical Valentine’s Day present can be your new office flower, too. Roses are a type of flower that can be found in a huge variety of colours, so choose your favourite and get growing. And as a bonus, if you choose some pink or red roses to keep next to your computer, your coworkers will think you’re oh so popular and are receiving fresh roses on a daily basis from a secret admirer.

7. Baby's Breath


Okay, so this is a totally weird name for a flower, and you might not have even heard of this species. But you’ve definitely seen them before as they tend to come in bouqets that feature a large variety of flowers. They are small and white and can be cut and stored in a glass or vase of water at your desk.

8. African Violet

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If you’re deciding what flower you want to not only keep at your desk but grow it there, too, consider the fact that your work space is not super large. Why not choose an African violet? This kind can never be planted outside so it’s a smart choice since it’s a specifically indoor type of flower. And good news for you: it doesn’t need a massive amount of either light or water, so it’s pretty low-mainteance. Just keep it at your desk and focus on being productive, which won’t be hard with this flower by your side: your ability to get work done and the amount of work you can produce will increase since flowers help increase productivity. In fact, the increase is as great as 50 percent which is no small feat. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get 50 percent more work done every day? Pick up some African violets and that can be your new normal.

9. Fake flowers

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Why not buy some cute and attractive fake or paper flowers and arrange them in a beautiful vase on your desk? You will still be bringing some beauty into your office life and what’s more, they will be even easier to take care of since, well, you’ll be alone to leave them completely alone.

10. Marigolds


A magical name and a magical looking flower, marigolds come in awe-inducing shades of orange and yellow. That beauty comes with a price, however: these flowers don’t function best inside. However, there’s still hope for you, because you can keep them at your desk during the cooler months and then plant them outside in the summer. This would be a fun project and would enable you to switch your desk flowers depending upon the season, which would allow you to reap the benefits of having flowers at your office while keeping different ones and not getting bored.

These flowers won’t only save you from dying from boredom, but they’ll also make you more eager to come to work every day as you’ll need to care for them. You’ll feel that you have a purpose in life –if your work tasks are too mundane.

Do you keep flowers in your office? What did you find the best option to be? Please share with us in the comment section below.