How to Know if Your Career Path Resonates with Your True Personality

It’s interesting how some of us ended up pursuing careers that we now regret after falling for the hype of pride and life achievements that our teachers and parents fed us. This particularly applies to those that had strict guardians who wanted big titles in the family. Being a surgeon, a lawyer or an architect might sound impressive to our loved ones but deep down, some of us feel miserable for having forsaken our true personalities. However, all is not lost because in today’s world, a banker can be forgiven for becoming a saloonist as long as it brings more fulfillment in her life. It then goes to show that initial academic credentials don’t necessarily have a monopolistic grip on our ultimate career path. Therefore, in light of embracing our true selves we should ask, how do we know if our career paths resonate with our true personalities?

#1 Brings out the Best Gifts, Talents and Potential in You
It’s said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Many of us have forgotten how childhood play revealed the true gifts and talents in our lives. This has consequently made us miss on our true potential for a long while now:

  • Look at today’s entertainment scene especially in the music quarters. The truly gifted and talented musicians are easy to spot. Their music is so simple and natural, yet their impact is so phenomenal. They never compromised on their inner child personality and you can’t deny the fact that they’ve discovered their true career path in life.
  • One might argue that ’fake’ musicians auto tune their music and still get incredibly famous. That’s true actually but does this bring out the ultimate potential in them? You just have to listen keenly to their overhyped and monotonous music to realize that their creativity died ages ago.
  • You can lie to the world, but can’t lie to yourself. You know your gifts and your talents. Are they being reflected in your career path? Are they bringing out your true potential or are you just faking it to keep things going? That’s up to you to decide...

#2 Your Passionate Mission for Career Excellence Overpowers Any Other Material Ambition
What keeps you going on your current career path? Is it merely about the material benefits that come with it? Do you feel like your passion is being choked and that you’re slowly dying on the inside?

  • It would be unwise for me to be judgmental and dismiss careerists motivated by material ambition. Indeed, it today’s tough economy, the bills keep piling up and many of us have few job options at our disposal, if any. In fact, there are some of us who came from poor backgrounds and making ends meet has been a major theme our lives.
  • Not everyone can find their true passion in employment. Many would actually be forced to venture into entrepreneurship for them to embrace their true passion. It would thus call for you to put your finances in order by applying personal austerity measures to cut spending and thus save and invest more.

#3 Your Loyalty, Dedication and Consistency are never Compromised
This might actually be controversial because we’ve got careerists so disciplined, their loyalty, dedication and consistency is never compromised:

  • But what if the money goes away? Would your consistency still stand? This is the true test that separates rock solid careerists from seasonal ones.
  • What is the true purpose of volunteer work? Of course, it’s giving back to the community. Therefore, if your true personality resonates with your career path, then you wouldn’t mind doing more than you’re paid for. And that’s because your noble cause of loyalty and dedication to your career is never compromised through good and bad times.
  • Bottom Line still remains, your personality is the best insurance package against a rollercoasting career performance streak because it will always remain the same in season and out of season. 

#4 Keeps you on an upward Career Momentum
It’s said that you should never judge a book by its cover. It’s presumed that a promotion or salary increase automatically depicts an upward career momentum. But get this:

  • Good economic times or improved company profitability may lead to a promotion or salary increase, but how about your personal career goals? Are you getting more exposure, better skills and relevant wealth of experience? It’s always important to flip through the pages of a book before arriving at a conclusion about its contents.
  • Career stagnation can actually happen when you’re carried away by titles and hefty salaries. In fact, I can boldly state that if a volunteer job embraces your true personality, then it can take you further than a lucrative job offer could.

#5 Brings Relief, Happiness and a Legitimate Sense of Satisfaction in your Life
I’m always amazed at how careerists have turned happiness into a ’safe haven’ affair: 

  • Take Mondays for instance. A resounding majority complain about work as they reminisce on their happy weekends. Many do this by sharing sarcastic memes on social media. Others arrive at work like kids being forced to go to school.
  • Consequently, such careerists work with the picture of their homes in mind. It then makes the workplace a tough exam they’re quick and eager to finish. 
  • But look at careerists that have embraced their personalities in their career paths. When they say that work is fun, they’re deemed crazy. But at the end of the day, they can attribute their fulfilling career path to a legitimate sense of relief, happiness and satisfaction in life thanks to embracing their personalities.

This world has billions of personalities that can’t be reflected by the limited career choices currently at our disposal. New career niches will always come up so don’t despair if your true personality is yet to be embraced by prevalent career choices. Ultimately, if your personality doesn’t resonate with renowned career choices, then it’s up to you to discover neglected market niches and start your own unique career path.

Sourced Image: Personality